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What weapons did Britain contribute to World War 1?

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There were probably several, but the only one I can think of at the moment is the armored, tracked vehicle, gun platform that we know as the "TANK."j3h.

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What weapons did Britain use in World War 2?

they used peninees

What did Britain import in World War 1?

I believe they imported weapons and food products

WHY did BRITAIN use weapons in World War 2?

Because harsh language wouldn't work on the germans.

How did France and Britain contribute to World War 2?

Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3rd 1939, two days after German troops invaded Poland.

Who was the inspirational leader of Great Britain in World War 2?

Winston Chruchill did a lot for the morale of Great Britain. He made the famous quote, "Give us the weapons, and we will finish the war".

How did Canada help Britain in World War 2?

By sending much needed Troops, supplies, weapons & equipment to all Fronts of the war.

Why did Britain defeat Germany in World War 1?

Because they got the Aid of the USA with fresh troops and weapons.

Why did the US break away from Brittan?

because they were jealous of the weapons grat Britain hed in world war two

Who supplied weapons to Tecumseh?

Tecumseh was supplied weapons by Britain during his war. This caused major tensions between the countries of America and Britain.

Why did World War 1 affect Germany differently than Britain in relation to the homefront?

because they never had enough weapons.

What three countries increased the amount of money spent on weapons world war 1?

Great Britain, France, And Russia

Why did the Southern states buy manufactured goods from Britain and not the North?

...because they were at war with the north. That's the same as if Hitler has bought weapons off of USA, Britain or France during the second World War.

Does Britain have nuclear weapons?

Yes. Both strategic & tactical nuclear weapons. Great Britain has been a nuclear power since the end of the Second World War. The US & Britain cooperated in the secret nuclear program during WW2 that created the first atomic bombs.

How did nuclear weapons affect world war 2?

Two nuclear weapons ended World War 2.

What were the unions advantages in the civil war?

Britain supplied them with weapons. And they won!

What were the colonists goals in negotiations with Britain?

to take their weapons and to end the war

How did the colonists prepare for war with Britain?

They stockpiled weapons and munitions in storehouses.

How did the Mexican Americans contribute during World War 2?

The Mexican Americans contribute during world war 2 because of a program called Bracero and that's how they contribute during world war 2.

What war is Great Britain World War I or World War 2?

Great Britain, or more correctly The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, was involved in both World War 1 and World War 2.

World War 2 Where did they fight in Britain?

where did they fight in britain during world war 2

In world war 2 what countries did not use weapons?

All countries fighting in World War 2 used weapons.

What weapons did the Germans use against Britain in World War 2?

They used U-Boats (sumbarines). It was successful for a short period of time.

Who gave Britain money and weapons during World War 2?

Mainly the USA - but also Belgium, New Zealand , Australia and Canada

What weapons did Italy use in world war 2?

They had their weapon from world war I because they had send all their new weapons to the Spanish for their civil war

How many weapons were used in World War 2?

In world war two over 200 weapons were used because of all the people in that war.