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What weapons did the Ashanti tribe use?


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One is Knife


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Ashanti is a tribe in Ghana. Ashanti means anti-peace in Hindi.

The Ashanti tribe are mostly farmers. In fact 65 % of Ghana is farmers. Ghana is the country the Ashanti tribe is in.

An African tribe in west Africa.Jamaica's national hero;nanny was from the Ashanti tribe. Many jamaicans are descendants of the Ashanti people.

Spears, bows and arrowheads were the main weapons used by the Miami Tribe.

Ashanti is not a country, it is a tribe located in parts of West Africa.

the mi'kmaq tribe used spears for weapons

They are located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, in Western Africa. =)

One of the weapons used by the Catawba tribe was the bow and arrow. They would also use war clubs that were heavy.

The Spokane tribe used many different weapons in their time. Some of their weapons were clubs, harpoons, bows and arrows, and slings.

made pottery,clothing, and food.

The pop singer Ashanti is originally from Glen Cove, New York. The African Ashanti tribe is located in central Ghana.

The most popular sport in Ghana where the Ashanti Tribe live is Association Football.

roots berries and grapes

Because they were Black americans

Atlatl. Or Spear thrower.

The Ashanti Tribe was the head of the tribes In Africa. A tribal chief is the head of a tribe.

Search the golden stool on google.

they used wood to make weapons

bows sharp rocks and spears

To kill animals or defend their tribe.

They used spears and bow and arrows. They also used other weapons.

No they live in Gahna in Western Africa.

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