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What weapons did the US use in the Vietnam War?

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1. The B52 Stratofortress was the heavy bomber of the Viet War.

2. The F100 Super Sabre was the close air support jet from 1961 through 1971.

3. The US Army used the M48 Patton medium tank and M551 Sheridan tank in the war. The Australians fielded their own Centurion tanks in Vietnam.

4. The NVA fielded the T54/55 medium tank and the PT76 amphibious light tank during the war.

5. Both sides utilized the assault rifle; M16 & AK47. Vietnam was the first major war to do so.

6. Both sides used artillery. The NVA used towed guns while the US used both SPG (Self Propelled Guns) and split trails (towed).

7. Both sides employed anti-personnel mines: The US the Claymore and the NVA...what was simply referred to as the "Chicom claymore."

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