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1. The B52 Stratofortress was the heavy bomber of the Viet War.

2. The F100 Super Sabre was the close air support jet from 1961 through 1971.

3. The US Army used the M48 Patton medium tank and M551 Sheridan tank in the war. The Australians fielded their own Centurion tanks in Vietnam.

4. The NVA fielded the T54/55 medium tank and the PT76 amphibious light tank during the war.

5. Both sides utilized the assault rifle; M16 & AK47. Vietnam was the first major war to do so.

6. Both sides used artillery. The NVA used towed guns while the US used both SPG (Self Propelled Guns) and split trails (towed).

7. Both sides employed anti-personnel mines: The US the Claymore and the NVA...what was simply referred to as the "Chicom claymore."

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Q: What weapons did the US use in the Vietnam War?
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What type of nuclear weapons did the US use in the Vietnam War?

The U.S used no nuclear weapons whatsoever on Vietnam.

What weapons did South Vietnam use in the Vietnam War?

The weapons the US Government provided. In the early years of the war the were furnished WWII era weapons, later, were provided the same mat

What weapons did the us use to take down veitnamese?

the US effectively lost the vietnam war.

What illegal war acts did the US and Vietnam do in the Vietnam war?

The US tested napalm, bombs and chemical weapons on the Vietnam civilians.

What was the role of the superpowers in the Vietnam war?

Supplied weapons and in the case of the US supplied weapons and men.

What was the reasons for the Vietnam War to end?

Unless the US INVADED North Vietnam or deployed NUCLEAR weapons, the war was unwinnable.

What did the US do in the Vietnam War?

The US employed ALL OF IT'S CONVENTIONAL military assets in conventional and unconventional warfare in the Vietnam War. "Atomic" weapons and "Chemical/Biological" weapons were the only assets not used.

Are chemical weapons or biological weapons worse?

Since US doctrine during the Vietnam War was: 1. Retention of nuclear first strike capability. 2. Right to retaliate with chemical weapons. 3. Will not use bio weapons. Probably Bio wpns were worse since the US refused to use them (during the cold war).

Did Vietnam used any biological weapons in its war?

No, but chemical weapons were used by US - agent orange, an herbicide.

Was it possible for the US to have won the Vietnam war?

Most definitely. Simply had to invade North Vietnam. If the Soviets or Red China intervened; use nuclear weapons against them. Which is why North Vietnam wasn't invaded.

Why was the Vietnam war views differently from previos wars the US had fought?

The US chose NOT to deploy nuclear weapons. (The US did deploy nuclear weapons against Japan in WWII). The US chose NOT to invade North Vietnam. (The US did invade North Korea during the Korean War).

What weapon or weapons did the US not use in the Vietnam War?

Their minds and nukes. Should of just used Peaceful logic or nukes. To solve the problem.

What type of conflict was the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War was a "limited war"; limited to conventional weapons only (nukes not allowed). It was fought as both a guerrilla war in South Vietnam and as a conventional war against North Vietnam. Like the US Civil War of the 1860s, the Vietnam War of the 1960s was an un-declared war.

How much were the weapons in the Vietnam war?

The standard US jet averaged about a million dollars apiece.

What was the US policy of containment during the Vietnam war?

The Cold War consisted of containing the communist countries where they already were. No further expansion. The Communists tried expanding south of Korea's 38th Parallel in 1950-1953 (Korean War); they failed. The Communists tried expanding into Central America & South America (Che Guevara, one of Castro's Lieutenants), they failed (US Special Forces-Green Berets). The Communists tried expanding south of Vietnam's 17th Parallel from 1955 through 1975 (Vietnam War); they succeeded. During the Vietnam War, there was a second meaning to the word "containment." That was keeping the Vietnam War in Vietnam. Not allowing the war to spread to other countries, and NOT involving the Communist Superpowers (Soviet Union/Red China). Thus, the Vietnam War was fought as a "Limited War"; Limited in the area in which the fighting was to occur AND limited to the use of conventional weapons (NO ATOMIC WEAPONS WOULD BE USED). The US did have a contingency plan to use NUCLEAR WEAPONS FOR BOTH THE KOREAN WAR & VIETNAM WAR.

When year was it when Vietnam agreed not to hit the US with a Nuclear bomb?

LBJ and General Westmoreland did discuss the use of nuclear weapons for use in the Vietnam War, but LBJ ultimately instructed his subordinates to drop the matter and not to bring up the issue of nukes again. This issue had also surfaced during the Korean War and General MacArthur got sacked for it (among other reasons). Note: Only Russia (USSR) & Red China on the communist side had atomic weapons during the Vietnam War. Vietnam never agreed not to hit the US with an atomic bomb because 1) Vietnam has never had any nuclear weapons of any type, 2) Vietnam has no delivery system to send such weapons outside its own border.

What two chemicals did the us use as weapons in Vietnam?

they used gun powder and mario

Did America use poisonous gas in the Vietnam war?

No. During that war it was US doctrine to utilize chemical warfare only for retaliation; the US would not use it first. Biological warfare was not US doctrine. Not to be used. The US reserved the right to "first strike" with nuclear weapons.

Why was the Vietnam war difficult for the for the US to be Victorious?

Had to fight without nuclear weapons and not angering the communist superpowers.

What was the Role of United states in the Vietnam war?

The US was the leader in the fight against communism. Consequently, the US led the way in Vietnam with the most troops, and the most weapons and equipment.

Why were chemical weapons effective during the Vietnam war?

Yes, smoke grenades, marking rounds, rockets, and various forms of flame weapons were used in Vietnam (along with CS gas). But officially the US did not deploy chemical warfare in Vietnam. During the Viet era; US doctrine was: 1. Never to deploy biological weapons 2. Use chemical warfare only in self defense (meaning the other nation had to use it first) 3. Reserved the right of first strike with nuclear weapons

What type of weapons did us army and South Vietnam use during TET Ofensive?

The exact same types which were in use throughout the entire Vietnam War. With the exception of some weaponry left over from the French colonial era, most weapons and weapons used by the Republic of Vietnam were US-sourced. As for which weapons, you could narrow it down by limiting it to certain types - weapons range from small arms to armoured vehicles to artillery pieces to aircraft and the munitions they drop, and a complete list would be much too long to feasibly post on here.

Did the US have better weapons than the Vietnamese in the Vietnam War?

Technologically plus a navy plus a much larger airforce, but in personal weapons, not really

Why doesn't the US use nuclear weapons?

Although US agreed several arms agreements banning use of nuclear weapons, USA DOES use nuclear weapons and in fact, US is the ONLY nation to have used nuclear weapons in war.

Is Vietnam War the greatest war of Indochina War period?

Considering that the war involved ALL of the United States military weapons in the US inventory (minus nuclear weapons), and ALL of the US forces (including the US Coast Guard), for MANY YEARS; and that more than 3 times the amount of bombs were dropped in Vietnam than in all of WW2...yes it was the greatest war.