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Blackfoot Indians used spears, tomahawks, bow and arrows, the war club, and the dagger. The tomahawk and the dagger were used for hunting and fights. But the war club was used just for wars. The bow and arrow were used mostly for hunting buffalo. The Blackfoot would ride up very close on their horses and shoot an arrow into the buffalo. If the arrow was still sticking out the side of the buffalo, the rider would grab the arrow and fire it at the buffalo again. THANKS FOR READING

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What kind of weapons did the blackfoot tribe use?

They used spears and bow and arrows. They also used other weapons.

How did the Blackfoot make their tools and weapons?

they made it by Buffalo and other use of stuff back then

What weapons did the blackfoot people use?

They used lances, bows, tomahawks, clubs, slings, and hide-armor

What are weapons and tools the blackfoot Indians used?


What tools did the blackfoot use?

The Blackfoot used several types of tools and weapons. They made powerful long bows and shields of animal hide. They made clubs and hammers out of rock and wood.

How did the blackfoot Indians make there weapons?

they made them by using wood

How did the Blackfoot Indian tribe make there weapons?

using wood, bone or stone

What kind of weapons did blackfoot Indians have?

They used lances, bows, tomahawks, clubs, slings, and hide-armor

What do cobras do to protec them?

use their weapons use their weapons use their weapons

What did the blackfoot people use for transportation?


Did the blackfoot Indian use a spear?


How did the blackfoot native American Indian tribe make their weapons?

they used hides to tie rocks to tough and strong sticks

What did the blackfoot people use to transport?

Blackfoot's trallve

What did blackfoot Indians use as medicines?

make it out of water

What water sources did the Blackfoot tribe use?


Is any of the blackfoot still in existence today?

The Blackfoot are still in existence today. Thanks to the treaties drawn up from both Canadian and American officials, the Blackfoot were given a reservation and were allowed to live on in peace. Today the land is divided amongst the Blackfoot to use as they wish.

What did Blackfoot Indians use for transportation?

walk horse raft

How did the blackfoot indians prepare their food?

they use spoons and forks

Where is the Blackfoot Public in Blackfoot located?

The address of the Blackfoot Public is: 129 N Broadway, Blackfoot, 83221 0610

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What weapons did John Cabot use?

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What weapons did the Bannock Indians use?

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What kind of weapons did the Vikings use?

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Who was chief blackfoot?

chief blackfoot was blackwolf

What do the Blackfoot kids where?

what do Blackfoot kids where for clothing

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