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Q: What weapons do blacksmiths use?
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How did blacksmiths make their weapons?

Blacksmiths did not use weapons, but they made weapons by heating up metal to make it malleable and then hit it with a hammer to shape the weapon.

What did a blacksmith do in Jesus' time?

Blacksmiths made, roman weapons such as swords, knives, spears etc.

Who uses igneous rocks why?

Igneous rock can be used for making weapons. Blacksmiths can use them.

What weapons did the blacksmiths make in the Revolutionary War?

During the revolutionary war blacksmiths would make weapons such as guns, canons, and swords.

Did colonists get their weapons from blacksmiths?


Is there a god of weapons?

Hephaestus was the god of weapons. Hepaestus was the Greek god. The Roman one was Vulcan. Vulcan was a god of weapons indirectly. He was the god of fire and of blacksmiths. In the mythology he crafted weapons for gods and heroes with his helpers. He was the god of the blacksmiths who made weapons, rather than directly a god of weapons.

How was weapons made during the middle ages?

the blacksmiths made the weapons and the armor back then

What do blacksmiths do?

Blacksmiths make implements from metal, from farm tools like horseshoes and hoes, to weapons like swords and axes. Mostly they used iron, but modern blacksmiths use whichever metal best suits what they are making. They usually hammer the metal while it is very hot so it can be shaped easily.

How did the Ancient Egyptians make their weapons?

Blacksmiths made their weapons by using heat to craft hard materials.

What were blacksmiths like in the Elizabethan era?

they were people who made weapons

Where were ancient weapons made?

they were made in the skilled blacksmiths workshop.

Who built Medieval times weapons?

Every rich lord had his armourers and blacksmiths. They made all the weapons and the armour.

What Did Blacksmiths in the Elizabethan era do?

They forged and sharpened weapons and repaired armor.

How many medieval weapon blacksmiths are there left?

If you mean people who make weapons like they did in the middle,there are many who do this and they sell the weapons/armour that they make.

Who made weapons and armour in the middle age?

Weapons and armor were made by an armorer. Or at least that was the theory; many weapons were originally scythes, sickles, pitchforks, and the like, and were the product of village blacksmiths.

What is a medieval blacksmiths daily life?

they make weapons and useful utilitis made out of iron and steel.

What did pioneer blacksmiths make?

they made cooking utensils farming tools and weapons like guns

When were blaksmiths used?

Blacksmiths were used in Medival times. When I think of Medival times, I think of Knights and Battles and Swords. The Blacksmiths made Armour and Swords, and other weapons too. Blacksmiths usually used Iron, as it was probably the only type of metal substance around then, and it was quite easy to shape.

Did slaves work for blacksmiths?

Slaves possibly worked for blacksmiths in the southern US. There were blacksmiths all over the world who did not use slave labour.

What tools do blacksmiths use?

Blacksmiths use these tools hammers of various kinds, fullers, flatters, chisels, tongs and the hardy.

What kinds of things did Blacksmiths make for household use?

Blacksmiths uses iron and steel

How do you buy weapons in assassin's creed 2?

In every city there are multiple blacksmiths marked as hammers on your map.

Who made the viking weapons?

Blacksmiths are the people that made weapons. They worked with iron. Viking blacksmiths even worked with bundles of iron, using them together to create a one of a kind piece of weaponry. These swords were most often held with one hand, making the other hand free to hold a wooden shield.

What do you call someone that makes armor and weapons?

you call them an armorer or a blacksmith,blacksmiths are from the pioneer ages but i just call them smithers=] GUNSMITH

How was the life of a blacksmith in the medieval ages?

The Medieval Blacksmith was a very important member of the community. Through his skills, the weapons armies needed to protect feudal communities were forged. The Blacksmith was responsible for making siege weapons, armor and shields, church and castle doors (to protect from vandals) as well as swords, daggers, lances and arrowheads. Even in the Blacksmithing community, there was a hierarchy. The Castle Blacksmith, lived under the protection of the Lord and was required to make and maintain the weapons of the lords and knights. While village blacksmiths, town blacksmiths and blacksmiths in monasteries were basically doing household objects, tools and some weapons. Those in cities in towns also belonged to guilds.