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What weapons were first used in the Civil War?

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Electrically detonated mines (called torpedos at the time) Submarine Repeating rifles (Spencer and Henry) Breech Loaded Artillery (Whitworth) Rifled Artillery (Parrot) Rimfire case ammuntion (Spencer and Henry (Later Winchester)and Smith and Wesson) Gatling machine guns Iron Armored ships (Iron Clads and Monitors) Rotating Gun turrets (Monitors) Nitroglycerine Hydrogen Observation Balloons Conical bullets (Minie Balls)

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How were weapons used during the US Civil War?

Weapons were used in battle during the civil war, at many battlefields in both North and South territory. The early forms of machine guns were used for the first time in the Civil War.

What weapons were used in the English Civil War?

Weapons which were used during the English Civil war includedPikesMusket'sShotgun's the Cavaliers

Why did they use weapons during the civil war?

the weapons used during the civil war were not only for killing people but to get the union back together and win the war.

How did the weapons from the US Civil War affect the casualties of the civil war?

The weapons effected the war very much so. The first rifle was invented some time before the civil war and was used for the first time in battle. The rifle could shoot much farther and more accurathe than the muskets they use before.

What soldier used on the end of their weapons in the civil war?


What weapons did they use in the Chinese civil war?

One of the weapons used during the Chinese Civil War was the Chiang Kai-shek bolt action rifle.

Was tear gas used during the civil war?

no, chemical weapons such as gas were first used in WWI, starting with chlorine gas

What weapons did they use in the civil war in England?

Weapons used during the English Civil War included swords and other bladed weapons, and fire arms including simple muskets and cannon.

Which country first used nuclear chemical for war?

Chemical weapons were first used in war by Germany in WW1.Nuclear weapons were first used in war by the US in WW2.

What weapons did cavaliers use in the English Civil War?

During the English Civil War, the cavaliers used a variety of weapons. Some of these were, muskets, canons, spears and pikes.

How many melee weapons were there in the Civil War?

there were seventy six melee weapons in the civil war.

What were the top ten weapons used in the civil war?

There were several types of weapons used in the civil war. The top ten weapons were the cannon, Minnie ball, pistols, sabers, swords, knives, Springfield rifle, Lorenz rifle, Colt rifle, and repeating weapons.

What types of weapons were used in the first English Civil War?

Pikes, muskets, swords, pistols, cannons, mortars, lances. But for first time in history, firearms were used very heavily in war.

What modern weapon was introduced during the civil war?

A number of weapons were introduced during the Civil War. Rifled artillery, invented during the 1840s, was developed to the point of being useful and first deployed to effect in the Civil War. Most, but not all, of these were muzzle loaded. Breachloading rifles with brass cartridges were first used for warfare in the Civil War. Repeating Rifles were also first introduced in the Civil War. The Civil War was the first conflict in which revolvers loaded with brass cartridges were used.

What were some of the weapons used in the civil war?

§ Muskets §Pistols §Knives

What weapons were used by the union in the American Civil War?

cannons cannons

What kind of weapons were used in the Boshin War?

Mainly muzzle-loading rifles, very similar weapons to US Civil War.

Why was the civil war known as the first modern war?

It was the first war that was in photos, weapons were developed durning the war that were the foundation for weapons today. The submarine was developed, spying using hot air balloons , flame throwers were used, the repeater rifle, barbwire, a bomb was developed, the draft was used, and many other things that make it the "first modern war"

Rockets were first used as what?


What are some effects in the civil war?

The effects of the civil war is by weapons.

What type of weapons do they use in the civil war?

they used knives, guns and more

What weapons were used at the Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War?

They used a variety of swords, guns, and riffles

What were weapons used during the civil war?

They used small arms, and rifles, basically guns.

Two weapons that were first used in World War I?

what was the first weapon used in world war 1

Did drummer boys of the civil war carry weapons?

No, drummer boys of the civil war did not carry weapons. All they did is drum.

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