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Standard US Military issue from the mid 1950's to the 1970's. They also used Napalm. Agent Orange was something used to deforest a lot of the area the Vietcong and Vietminh were hiding in, you could almost say it was used as a weapon because of its devastating affects on the human body.

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Q: What weapons were used by the United States in the Vietnam War?
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What were napalm and agent orange?

Controversial weapons used by the United States in Vietnam

Who uses atomic weapons?

The United States has used atomic bombs as weapons .

What weapon was not used in the Vietnam war?

Nuclear weapons were not used in the Vietnam War.

What type of nuclear weapons did the US use in the Vietnam War?

The U.S used no nuclear weapons whatsoever on Vietnam.

What country used nuclear weapons offensively?

The United States used the atomic bomb offensively during WWII. That is pretty close to nuclear weapons.

What weapon was not used in Vietnam during the war?

Nuclear weapons were not used during the Vietnam war

Gasoline-based toxic chemical widely used by us forces in Vietnam?

The United States dropped napalm on the forces in Vietnam.

How did the geography of Vietnam benefit the people in Vietnam?

They knew the land And used it to their advantage with the mix of guerrilla war fare the united states had no chance.

What countries used nuclear weapons in the Vietnam War?

None. No nuclear weapons were used in Viet Nam.

Is the M1 Garand still used in war?

It is no longer in use as a fighting weapon of war in the United States, but it commonly used for military ceromonies. The last war it was used in for fighting purposes by the United States was early in Vietnam.

Did Vietnam used any biological weapons in its war?

No, but chemical weapons were used by US - agent orange, an herbicide.

What weapons did the United States use in Pearl Harbor?

They used mostly antiaircraft guns and shot guns

Weapons used in the past and present in the United states?

Air Force weapons? Or Army weapons? Or Naval Weapons? Or Types of Artillery? Or Types of Small Arms (rifles, pistols, etc.)? Or Tanks? Or Warships?

Did we drop the hydrogen bomb on Vietnam?

No hydrogen bombs were dropped on Vietnam. No nuclear weapons of any kind were used in Vietnam.

What are some large weapons that were used in the Vietnam war?


What was the United States ' role in World War 2?

The United States built most of the vehicles, aircraft and weapons used by the allies as well as produced food to feed the allies.

What are 3 disadvantages of uranium?

Uranium is radioactive Uranium is toxic Uranium was used in nuclear weapons by United States

What were the weapons used in the Vietnam war and war on terror?


Did the Blue Angels carry weapons back then?

Yes. The United States Navy Blue Angels used to carry weapons but now they are used as sport planes and they are also F-18 super hornets too.

What government was in charge of agent orange?

Agent Orange was a chemical the United States used during the Vietnam war as an herbicide and defoilent.

What effect did the Vietnam war have on soilders?

US GI's didn't want the army, didn't want the war; they just did their time and returned to the "world", the word used in Vietnam for the United States.

Two chemical weapons used in Vietnam war?

napalm and agent orange

What types of weapons were used during the Spanish American War?

The United States used a Krag Jorgensen M1894 rifle and the Spanish used a Mauser m1893 in 7x57 caliber.

Why weren't nuclear weapons used during the Vietnam war?

Fear that the North Vietnamese would obtain nuclear weapons themselves (from Russia or China) and use them on South Vietnam or even on America.

Why did the Vietnam War start?

The Vietnam War started as part of the Cold War; communism vs. democracy. The United States feared the spread of Communism from the Soviet Union. And corrupt politicians in Vietnam used this fear to justify their desire to keep the wealth of Vietnam for themselves.