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What weapons were used by the cavaliers in the English civil war?


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Mortar, cannon, musket, pike.

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During the English Civil War, the cavaliers used a variety of weapons. Some of these were, muskets, canons, spears and pikes.

Weapons which were used during the English Civil war includedPikesMusket'sShotgun's the Cavaliers

In the English Civil War, the Cavaliers and the Roundheads used cannons, spears, swords and long guns. Don't think they used spears, do you mean pikes ?

They used matchlock muskets, a few wheel lock muskets, swords, pikes, and cannons.

The Cavaliers were the supporters of the king - King Charles I. The other name used for them is 'Royalists'.

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "cavaliers" (horsemen). The capitalized form is used for the Royalists of the English Civil War, or the Cleveland NBA basketball team.

Weapons used during the English Civil War included swords and other bladed weapons, and fire arms including simple muskets and cannon.

the name Cavaliers was used by the Paliamentrians for the Parliamentrians for the Royal supporters of Charles l during the Civil War 1642 - 1651

== == They used canons, muskets, pikes and cavalryRoundheads used a variety of weapons: pikes, bows, lances, muskets, artillery, and matchbox rifles.

They used cannons, pikes, swords, matchlock muskets and wheel lock muskets

Weapons were used in battle during the civil war, at many battlefields in both North and South territory. The early forms of machine guns were used for the first time in the Civil War.

There were several types of weapons used in the civil war. The top ten weapons were the cannon, Minnie ball, pistols, sabers, swords, knives, Springfield rifle, Lorenz rifle, Colt rifle, and repeating weapons.

One of the weapons used during the Chinese Civil War was the Chiang Kai-shek bolt action rifle.

the weapons used during the civil war were not only for killing people but to get the union back together and win the war.

§ Muskets §Pistols §Knives

Pikes, muskets, swords, pistols, cannons, mortars, lances. But for first time in history, firearms were used very heavily in war.

They used a variety of swords, guns, and riffles

They used small arms, and rifles, basically guns.

Mainly muzzle-loading rifles, very similar weapons to US Civil War.

They used Muskets and other guns of that sort.

The three main weapons used in middle ages battles in Europe were swords, maces and English longbows

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