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What website can I see the whole movie Naruto movie4?

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You or msn/google/yahoo videos

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Is naruto dead because me and my friends were watching naruto movie 4 and we saw this monster run his tail through Naruto's chest and then Sakura and all the others held a funeral for Naruto.?

I believe the movie you are talking about is Naruto Shippuuden movie. If you watched the whole movie you would know the answer to your question. No Naruto does not die in the movie. It starts off with Shiion having a priestist vision of the future. The visions show her warnings of people dying protecting her life. Throughout the movie Naruto knows he is going to die, but still protects her for the sake of the world. In the end Shiion protects Naruto with her powers and Naruto lives.

Where is there a website were you can watch the whole Vampires Suck movie?


What website can you watch the whole lion king movie on the internet?

When does the whole Naruto series end?

The whole Naruto series might end in the middle of summer 2012...MAYBE!

Does Naruto die in Naruto shippuuden?

Nope he doesnt :) I read the whole manga

What Shippuden episode did Naruto and Sakura kiss in?

Naruto ans Sakura haven't kissed in the whole naruto series

When will Naruto show on TV?

as soon as they get farther on naruto shippuden which is a whole new naruto so look forward to it =)

Is Sasuke an anime?

Yes, Sasuke in an Anime. It is drawn as one and so is the whole Naruto, Naruto Dub, Naruto Shippuuden and Naruto Manga (only sometimes).

Where can you find the whole movie to watch for free?

here is a website

Will it be another series after the Naruto Shippuden series?

No, After Naruto becomes hokage the whole series end.

How many people in the world watch naruto?

1 person in the whole world watch naruto.

Which Naruto movie or episode is it where Team Seven went on a mission and Sasuke and Sakura get tied up by enemy shinobi and a boy comes in with cool water style jutsus?

well, I don't watch naruto, but isn't it "Naruto the Movie: Ninja clash in the land of snow?" I remember it 'cause it took up a whole buttload of One Piece's time slots...

In the Naruto series when do Naruto and Sasuke have the big fight where Naruto scratches sasukes headband?

i believe the whole fight is in the episodes of 128 to 135

What website can you see the whole movie Lovely Bones?

google then look up lovely bones or any other movie.

Does Naruto have a surviving family?

No, his whole family is dead.

Does Naruto die?

This question has been protected from constant discussion of answerThe show is not called Naruto for no reason. Obviously if Naruto dies; it defeats it's purpose of the whole anime of Naruto. No, Naruto does not die, he did have a vision that he died; but he did not die.

When do Naruto die?

Naruto never dies the whole show is about him. if he dies he'll came straight back alive

How many episode are they in the whole Naruto and Naruto Shippuden?

about 200 in shippuden, and i believe either 250 or 400 in naruto. you can watch all of them at their numberred by episode

Who were the cast of the the original musical hairspray?

This website has the whole cast on it

Do Naruto die?

Nope he Doesnt :) I read the whole manga

Did Naruto dad hated his son?

No, he loved Naruto is the whole few hours he got to be with him. He sealed the Nine-Tails in Naruto because he thought that Naruto could learn to control it and become very powerful

Is Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm generations going to have the whole of the Naruto story in it?

Yes it will have all the storm together

What chapter is 0 tailed beast in?

He is only a tailed beast that was made up to be used in the Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2 : Bonds. He is non canon to the whole storyline so he is not in the manga. Anime Movie Only...Sorry...

Does Naruto the broken bond start in the begging of the whole Naruto series?

No. It starts during the battle with The third hokage and orochimaru and ends with the naruto and sasuke battle at the final valley.

Naruto Shippuden 2 Bonds sub English?

Well the raw version is now out so a couple of days more and the whole movie will have been subbed so only couple of days till this awesome looking movie