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If you want to trace UK and commonwealth servicemen visit the commonwealth war graves site here.

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Q: What website should you go to to find veterans who died in World War 2?
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Why should we honor American's veterans when should we?

We should honor American Veterans because Veterans 1. risked there lives for our freedom 2. have been left homeless and disabled because they fought in the wars for the United States Facts About Veterans 1. 33% of homeless people are Veterans 2. More than 4.7 million people served in World War 1. 54,000 people died in World war 1. That is why we should honor them. Honor, Respect , Remember America's Veterans they died to save us

How many veterans died during World War 1?

The veterans of World War I are the *survivors* of the war, not the fatalities. There is no record of how many veterans of other wars (Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War) died when they returned to service in World War I.

Is there any ww1 veterans still alive?

There might be World War 1 veterans alive but most of them died from shellshock

What should citizens do on veterans day?

I think we should all remember the soldiers that died for our country.

How many US veterans have died?

3.9 milliong veterans have died

Why does the US honor veterans on Veterans Day?

They honor veterans on veterans day because they want people to remember that we have people fighting for us and we should thank them because some of them are P.O.W. or M.I.A. and some of them just died.

Why should you honor American veterans?

Cause they're veterans and have done a lot for the great nation of America.They have died,killed, and sweated blood for the good of our country. We should honor them. They risked their lives to keep our great freedom. HoNoR vEtErAnS!!!

What do the veterans do?

It's not really what the veterans do, as much as what we should do. We respect the men and women who fought for our rights and freedom by giving them a whole day based on them. And the veterans will probably pay their respects to those who have died while serving the army and who have died after coming home.

How many veterans served in World War 2?

thousands of people served and died in world war two.

Why should the American armed forces veterans be honored?

Armed forces veterans of the US should be honored for the sacrifices they make in guarding the US. Hundreds of thousands of them have died protecting American freedoms.

How can you find out how your uncle died while serving in world war 2?

Contact the Veterans Administration

How can you use the word veteran in a sentence?

The crowd consisted of mostly veterans and their families. Most World War II veterans have died within the last decade.

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