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What website will let you know if an email is true?

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Snopes [dot] com

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If you visit livenation's website, they have an email address to contact about becoming a retailer; however, I tried contacting them and the email bounced back. If you found out the answer to this, please let me know.

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If you don't receive an email that was sent to you, then you can contact the person who sent the email by phone to let them know. If you were resetting a password, then you can simply do the process again.

What does subject mean in e mails?

The subject of an email is a brief description of what the email will be about. The subject is a chance to let your reader know what the email means and what will be discussed within it.

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How do you let us know when answer is ready?

If you are a registered user you will get a email everytime there is activity with your question...

Is there a symbol that let you know that you have a new email while you are already surfing the net?

in computers

What is a good bloging website? it is an easy web address to type in put your email and password in and it will let u in

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How do you set up your yahoo email to notify you when an email is not delivered due to wrong email address?

You will automatically be notified by yahoo and you will be getting a mail delivery failure email which will let you know that your email could not be send and the reason also.

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