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Not many. I dont know of any LEGAL site that does free music downloads but i do know a few ILEGAL sites, that uses BITTORENT files to share songs.

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How o download free music?

Go to online websites for free music downloads and you should be able to download music from there

What are websites that you can download free music from?

You can download songs from 'mp3scull'

What websites is it free and legal to download music?


Is it illegal to download free music?

Most likely.....most free music websites are illegal

Where can one find free MP3 music downloads?

One can find free MP3 music downloads in upload and download provider websites online. Also, there are websites that provide free MP3 music download such as Napster.

What are some good websites to download free music?

Some websites that download free WMA music?

There is no free downloadable music its a trap your wasting your time.

What are some legal websites to download free music?

There is no "legal" place to download free music. Its illigeal, yet websites are still up. But and the Youtube to Mp3 site is good

Where is it possible to download free mp3 music?

There are multiple websites that offer you free, legal mp3 music. The most recommended websites are 'Epitonic', 'Free Music Archive', 'NME' and '7Digital'.

How do you download music to your phone?

Q. How do you download music to your phone of the Internet A. You Can Go Onto Websites Where You Can Download Music To Your Phone Just Type In "free music on your phone"

Where can I download free music online?

You should not download free music online , that is illegal . If you want new music, you can get a CD, download off Amazon, iTunes , or other websites that sell Mp3s .

What kind of websites are used to download and listen to free music?

There are websites to download and listen to free music such as The Pirate Bay, although the legality of this website and those like it has been disputed. Other websites such as Youtube offer a free and legal way to listen to music, although it is not downloadable.

Which websites can someone use to download music for free other than YouTube?

There are several websites where one can download music for free, such as Jamendo, Kompoz or BeatPick. The music on these sites is published under the Creative Commons license.

How do you download music on to a PS3 any free websites?

use your ipod to download the musicbut it may take awhile to download if you have to much music.

Where can one find free music by Queens of the Stone Age?

There are many different websites online that feature free music from bands in every genre. The most popular websites to find free music from Queens of the Stone Age are MTV, Grooveshark, and YouTube.

Is it illegal to download music from a free music sharing website?

Most of the time. If you download music from websites like Limewire it is definitely illegal.

What websites can you download free music and have no membership fee and be legal?

Who is responsible for making free music download websites?

Normal people.

Is there a free music site that has the hearts of midlothian songs on it to download?

There are a few different websites you can go to that you can download free music. You can try going to the iTunes website.

What is the best site to download free music?

Use of music websites in schools are commonly prohibited.

What websites can you download free music website?

You can download free music from beemp3 and airmp3. you can even use a youtube to mp3 website to change music videos songs you can play on your ipod

Where to download free music for ipod with album artwork?

They have free music on iTunes, but if there's music that's free other websites, but not free on iTunes, it's probably illegal.

What are the trusted websites to download free music for phones? is the best one for me

What are the websites you can use to download music for free?

Bee Mp3 is an okay website

What is the best websites to download music videos for free?

Just search "Limewire" on google or yahoo and it will bring you something that talk about downloading is for free. Once you download Limewire you can get whatever music for free.

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