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well number 1 when you say everything is working is motor turning over cause ill i can give you as i know if your motor isn't turing over but lights work and etc it is definatly your starter hhope this has given you what you need


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Your alternater might have to be replaced. Chances are your battery was not faulty. Your alternator most likely needs repairing or replacing.

The battery light is for low alternator output voltage. Try testing the alternator output using a miltimeter and if its less than 13 volts your alternator isn't putting out what it should. If it has low output check the belt tension and all wire connections before replacing alternator

It depends on what you mean by everything. Adobe after effects is very useful for all sorts of effects and putting videos together. How ever it is very limited as far as sound editing goes. I would recommend sony vegas for putting your video together then putting it into AE for effects.

The gauge inside is telling you how many volts your alternator is putting out, not yoru battery. Go have your alternator tested to see if it is putting out 14 volts or more...........if not, you are drawing more current out of the battery then what the alternator is replacing and you are going to end up with another dead battery. They can test alternators at Autozone for free or you can go get a multi meter and test it yourself. Have the alternator checked.

The main production of the shoes (putting everything together ect.), is in America, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The light is on because the alternator is not putting out the required voltage. Either the belt is broken, loose, or the alternator is defective.

If your battery light is on while the car is running, it most like means your alternator is not putting out enough power and probably needs replacing.

The choke light came on in my 1984 Celebrity when the alternator belt broke thus not charging the battery. Replacing the belt caused the choke light to go out. Since then I have noticed that whenever the alternator is not putting out enough voltage the choke light comes on.

what does the term putting together mean

Possible reasons your car's alternator is not charging: Drive belt loose or missing Alternator has failed

It reads the amps that the alternator is putting back in the battery.

If it is makeing a noise or is not putting out at least 13.5 volts it is bad. Take the car or the alternator to an Auto Parts store and have them load test the alternator to be sure.

This is true. It is equivalent to not putting any gas in the tank to reduce weight. You won't go very far. The alternator recharges the battery and provides power to run the electrical system ie computer etc.

basic answer disconnect battery use 11/16 or whatever size wrench with prybar on belt tensioner pulley to get belt off then disconnect everything when putting back together put belt on the pulley last theres no grove its easier that way

If you want to change the light you have to remove the right rear internal panel (located in the trunk). Only after removing the panel you will gain access to the light. Then it's just matter of removing nuts replacing the light and putting everything together.

you have to remove everything on the side of the motor.the ac unit, motor mount, pulleys alternator, power steering pump,and three timing covers,it is run off of the timing belt inside. it is an day job taking it off for the first time and another day putting back together.

On an automobile with a 12 volt system the alternator must be putting out from 13.5 − 16 volts. If not the alternator is bad.

I suggest putting a little bit of everything on. Use your common likings and put together what you really want for christmas!

Mine had an alternator problem not putting out 14 v

Have your alternator tested. They will sometimes do that when they are putting out low outputs at low rpm.

Yes, the job of the alternator is to recharge the battery and run all the electronics when the car is in use. If the alternator is defective and not putting out the required voltage to keep the battery charged it will soon run down.

My advice is to charge the battery with a battery charger before starting the engine. You will be putting a heavy load on the alternator if you allow it to charge a dead battery. This could damage the alternator.

The Alternator is not putting out enough voltage. If you recently replaced the alternator with a "new" remanufactured alternator that one could be bad to your truck somewhere to get it tested.

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