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Depending on the particular time frame that you are thinking about, certainly before the war we know what his Generals thought,for example. A large part of the German archives were captured after the war,and have been available for examination.they reveal an extraordinary degree of trepidation of Germany's ability to wage a great war.In 1936 Hitler moved to re-occupy the Rhineland,his generals were alarmed at his decision and the reaction it might provoke from the French.After Hitler revealed his intention of putting the screw on Czecho-Slovakia for the return of the Sudetenland,the Chief of the General Staff,General Beck drafted a memorandum in which he argued that Hitlers, aggressively expansionist program was bound to produce a world-wide catastrophe and Germany's ruin. This was read out at a conference of the leading generals,and with their general approval sent to Hitler.As Hitler showed no sign of changeing his policy,the Chief of the General Staff resigned from office.Hitler assured the other generals that France and Britain would not fight for Czecho-Slovakia,but they were so far from being reassured that they plotted a military revolt,to avert the risk of war by arresting Hitler and the other Nazi leaders. The bottom was knocked out of their counter-plans,however,when Chamberlain acceded to Hitler's crippling demands on Czech-Slovakia and in together with the French agreed to stand aside while that unhappy country was stripped of both territory and defences. For Hitler it was a geat triumph over his generals who lost confidence and influence.

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It was first created in the 16oo's by Adoulf Hitler. He needed to create something to help his armys be ready for longer and faster.

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roman armys use of legions in warfare

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titinius was actually not captured by Antony's army, it was actually brutus's armys there. when titinius goes back to Cassius to tell him, he finds Cassius dead. titinius then kills himself with the same sword the Cassius killed himself with.

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Type your answer here... 16,000 armys

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because to know about his empire and armys

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he was the confederate armys general:)

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