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What were Egyptian pyramids used for?

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The pyramids were primarily tombs for their dead pharaohs.

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What do you use Egyptian pyramids for today?

The ancient Egyptian pyramids are used as tourist attractions for Egypt. The pyramids also serve as historical references of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs that were buried in them.

How heavy stones were shifted there for the construction of Egyptian Pyramids?

Egyptian used inclined plane to shift heavy stones for the construction of Egyptian pyramids

What was the egyptian pyramids used for?

Tombs for pharaohs.

What materials were mainly used for constructing the pyramids?

The Egyptian pyramids are built of limestone blocks.

How wide are the Egyptian pyramids?

the egyptian pyramids were about 864ft. wide:)

Who lived in Egyptian pyramids?

Nobody lived in the Egyptian pyramids. They were tombs for the Egyptian dead.

What is the Purpose of Egyptian pryamids?

The Egyptian pyramids are used as a burial place or a "gateway" to the gods.

How have the dimensions of the Egyptian pyramids changed in thousands of years?

Humans from all over the world came and tore down the pyramids to make room for the Effiel Tower, which is located where the Egyptian pyramids used to be.

Country of Egyptian pyramids?

The Egyptian Pyramids are located in Egypt, hence their name.

What desert is the Egyptian pyramids in?

The Egyptian pyramids can be found in the desert of Giza, after which they are named.

What has the author Everett W Fish written?

Everett W. Fish has written: 'Egyptian Pyramids' 'The Egyptian pyramids' -- subject(s): Pyramids. 'The power behind the throne' 'The Egyptian pyramids' -- subject(s): Pyramids

What are the similarities of Mayan Egyptian and incan pyramids?

The pyramids of the Egyptians, the Incas, and the Mayans had four sides, and were used as observatories.

What was the translucent stone used in floor slabs in Egyptian Pyramids?


What did ancient Egyptian laborers do?

they used to build buildings and pyramids 8======>

What are Egyptian pyramids?

The Egyptian pyramids are ancient pyramid-shaped masonry structures located in Egypt.

What were the differences between Mayan pyramid and Egyptian pyramid?

Mayan pyramids were used for worship and usually had steps going up to an alter at the top. The Egyptian pyramids were used as tombs, the sides were steeper and they were generally taller.

Are pyramids Egyptian or greek?

pyramids is originaly from Egypt

What features did the mesoamerican and Egyptian pyramids have in common?

the pyramids

How was the inclined plane used for building pyramids?

The Egyptian pyramids used inclined planes in the form of a ramp to use raise the blocks to the working level.

How are the Egyptian pyramids used today?

As backgrounds for tourist is known for its treasure.

What shape is the Egyptian tomb?

Egyptian tombs used to be built in square-based pyramids. Eventually, they used tombs under the ground which were labyrinthine in shape.

Where did they get the materials for the Egyptian pyramids?

The Ancient Egyptians used things like limestone and other materials they found around them to build the Pyramids.

Why do they need pyramids?

The Ancient Egyptian rulers used pyramids as status symbols. Note that this was thousands of years ago, so the question should have read 'Why DID they need pyramids?'

How are the Egyptian pyramids protected?

the Giza pyramids are protected by the sphinx.

Is there any size for the Egyptian pyramids?

There is no certain size that the pyramids have to be

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