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George Washington Carver was an intelligent, clever, confident and kind man.


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There are quite a few traits George Washington was said to have had. George Washington was said to be a very modest and honest person.

George Washington had many good presidential traits, which he demonstrated when leading the US Army in war. He showed courage, power, stamina and management character skills.

George Washington was nice, loyal, just, kind, and polite.

when george washington was a president he was a caring man. He would think about the people first instead of himself. He wold do what was best for the country he may have done a few mistakes but he covered it up with his caring personality trying to fix the problem

He is a good and decent man.

George Washington's traits are bravery, integrity, courage, loyalty, leadership, and a founder of a great country.

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George Washington was kind, loyal,leader,patriotic,nice,caring,and hardworking.that is why we all say George Washington was first in war,first in peace,and first to make this country a better place.

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