What were George Washingtons dentures made of?

It is a myth they were made of wood. This is a quote from the Mt. Vernon website. Washington had several different sets of dentures, only one of which is still complete - and the complete set is here at Mount Vernon. Our set is made from human & cow teeth and elephant ivory, set in a lead base, with heavy metal springs. Because of the way they would have fit within his mouth, we do not believe that Washington wore this set when eating or talking. They were probably entirely "ornamental," for occasions like making silent ceremonial appearances or having his portrait painted.

He also owned other, more "functional" dentures, which could have been worn while eating or talking.

During the last ten years of Washington's life (1789-1799), a highly respected New York dentist, Dr. John Greenwood, made for the president at least two complete denture sets and several partial sets. In addition, in 1796 a man named James Gardette made Washington a set of dentures from hippopotamus ivory. That he had wooden teeth (he had human animal and ivory) and other myths such as he said I must never tell a lie I cut down the cherry tree are from a book written in the 1800's called George Washington: Equally honorable to himself and his fellow countrymen.