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he was in charge.

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Stalin's overwhelming mistake was to ignore all the signs of impending war by Germany. There were ample reports from his own espionage service and outside reporters that German troops were massing on the borders of the USSR, but he was either in denial or he deliberately ignored them for political purposes (probably the former as he almost suffered a complete mental breakdown following the German invasion).

In the early days, Stalin would often override the opinions of his generals, although he soon learnt his lesson when confronted openly by General Zhukov. Zhukov was ultimately allowed to conduct the war on his terms from the battle of Kursk to the battle for Berlin.

Stalin's ultimate mistake was to delay declaring war on Japan. Had he adopted a more aggressive policy he could well have taken over much of Manchuria to the detriment of China - Stalin was always a sucker for expanding the borders of the USSR.

It is worth noting that for all his moral failings Stalin was probably the most intelligent ruler that Russia ever had (Chernenko probably being the thickest).

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Q: What were Joseph Stalin's key mistakes in World War 2?
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