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What were Napoleon Bonaparte's 3 mistakes?

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He failed to consult the calendar and with a weatherman before invading Russia.

He failed to take a course in counter insurgency tactics before invading Spain.

He lacked a Navy that was equal to the the UK.

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What was Napoleon bonapartes title?


What was napoleon bonapartes full name?

Napoleon Di Boneparte.

Who are napoleon bonapartes friends?

Bob and shirley

The site of Napoleon Bonapartes final defeat was?


What marked the end of Napoleon Bonapartes regime?

His defeat at Waterloo.

What was napoleon bonapartes favorite movie?

Films did not exist during his lifetime.

Which led most direclty to napoleon bonapartes down fall?

The Russian winter.

Who is Napoleon Bonaparte's mother?

Napolean Bonapartes' mother was called Maria Letizia Ramolino

What is Napoleon Bonapartes horses name?

Well, of course, he had lots of horses, but the most famous is MARENGO

What is Napoleon bonapartes job?

He was the emperor of France until after the battle of Waterloo when he was sent into exile and died of cancer.

Was it possible for napoleon bonapartes doctor to examine him with a stethoscope?

frenchfries were invented in 1234 and then i exploded wiki answeres SUCK

3 mistakes Napoleon made in Europe?

1. The Continental System. 2. The Invasion of Russia. 3. Invasion of Spain.

What was napoleon bonapartes father called?

His support for France allowed his eldest sons Napoleon and Joseph to study in France, opening the way for the former's meteoric rise to supreme power in that country.

What are two mistakes that Napoleon made?

1.continental system 2.invasion of Russia 3.peninsula war

Did napoleon bonapartes' retreat end the Napoleonic wars?

The Napoleonic Wars ended with Napoleon's exile to St. Helena after the Battle of Waterloo.

What are the mistakes or failures of Napoleon Bonaparte?

he was too short

Who was Napoleon Bonapartes English interpreter on St Helena Island?

Fourteen year old Elizabeth Lucia (Betsy) Balcombe who lived next door to Longwood House where Napoleon was in exile became the family translator.

What does napoleon mistakes for onset death in animal farm?


What mistakes did Napoleon make?

if somebody make a mistake do they correct themselves

What were Napoleon Bonaparte's political key mistakes?

puttin in place the continental system.

What were Napoleon Bonaparte key mistakes?

The same as Hitlers He took on Russia and the weather defeated him.

Where was napoleon bonapartes from?

Napoleon was born and raised in Ajaccio, Corsica. Corsica is an island near Italy in the Mediterranean Ocean that the French possess. It has a Mediterranean climate, and it's average low is 39F in January and February. It's usually warm, typically with highs between the 60s-89F.

What was Napolean Bonapartes Title?


Who is the author of The 3 Mistakes of My Life?

Chetan Bhagat is the author of The 3 Mistakes of My Life

What were Napoleon Bonaparte mistakes?

Initially fighting in more than one front and underestemating the Royal Navy.