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Q: What were Picasso's wives called?
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Did pablo picassos wife die?

His three wives are all dead now. What did you expect?

What was picassos father called?

Jose Ruiz

Who were picassos parents?

Picassos parents were Alpanto his father, and his mothers name was Emario?

What was Pablo Picassos' art period during 1901-1904 called?

His Blue period.

What were wives of plantation owners called?

plantation wives

What are a sultan's wives called?

sultans wives are called HAREM The chief or eldest wife is called the Sultana.

What is a area for complex drawings?

picassos hat

What is Picassos Whole name?

Pablo Picasso

Did Pablo Picassos go to Rome?

yes he did

What is the name for picassos form of art?


What is pablo picassos most famous painting?


What is the name of picassos painting about the civil war?


What was pablo picassos major style he painted in?


Who were pablo Picassos good friends?

gertrude stein

How many words in picassos full name?


What are Pablo picassos best works?

the work of his momma

What was Pablo picassos personality?

good because he was caring.

What was picassos painting style after WW1?

it was blue and rose

Who is Pablo Picassos best friend called?

The best friend of his youth was Carles Casagemas who died in 1901. Picasso did a painting of his death.

Did shakespeare perform a play called the marys wives of winser?

He WROTE a play called The Merry Wives of Windsor.

What is a group of wives of one man called?

A group of women who share a husband are often called 'Sister Wives'.

What are the Knights wives called?


What are knights wives called?


What are nobles wives called?


How many of Picassos original painting Lovers did he paint?


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