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What were President Nixon's policies?

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He was the best President when it came to foreign affairs, and free trade. He tried to open the door with China.

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In what ways did Nixons policies while President differ from some of his previously stated positions?


Which six presidents had daughters to marry?

President Nixons daughter married President Nixons daughter married

Who was president Nixons wife?

Patricia Nixon

What is president Nixons first name?

Richard Milhous Nixon

President Nixons staff was known for their?

unswerving loyalty and support

What statement describes Nixons domestic policies?

He took stands showing both liberal and conservative positions.

What is Nixons first name?

President Nixon's first name was Richard.

What was Richard Nixon presidential salary?

what was richard nixons salary as president

What is president Nixons middle name?

President Nixon's middle name was "Milhous", his mother's maiden name.

What are the events that diminish the president's power?

President Richard Nixons Watergate Scandal

The high point of president nixons foreign policy efforts was?

The opening of China

President nixons policy of viwtnamization of the war in Vietnam called for what?

I'm an orange!

What is Nixons Chile policy?

President Nixon was a supporter of the Chliean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

President nixons vietnamization of the Vietnam war ment?

More American troops were coming home.

What was part of president nixons plan of peace with honor?

An exchange of prisoners of war with north Vietnam

What of these would be included in a biographical sketch of Henry Kissinger?

he served as president nixons secretary of state

What were president nixons achievements abroad?

1974 he ended the Vietnam war. Opened China to trade.

Nixons visit to china was important because?

no president had visited there since the communist government took power

Why did president nixons cheeks jiggle when he talked?

Because he had flabby cheeks, everyone knows that! Watch Futurama.

What was the esult of the waergate scandal on Richard Nixons presidency?

Nixon had to resign the presidency and Ford became president.

When was President Nixons first trip to China?

Nixon made his historic visit to China in February of 1972,

Who is President Nixons parents?

President Richard M. Nixon's parents were Francis Anthony Nixon (1878-1956) and Hannah Milhous (1885-1967).

What was the ultimate goal of president nixons vietnamization policy?

Novanet ~ South Vietnam would learn to defend itself

Which of president Gerald Fords actions helped restore confidence in the government?

he continued richard nixons foreign policy

What president was before Jimmy Carter?

Gerald Ford who finished Richard Nixons second term after Nixon resigned.