What were Theodore Roosevelt's accomplishments?

Theodore Roosevelt Facts and Accomplishments

  1. TR was (and still is) the youngest person to be President, at 42.
  1. TR wrote more books than any other president.
  1. TR read (allegedly) an average of a book per day, even while President.
  1. He once was shot before giving a speech. But gave it anyway…for 90 minutes.
  1. He won the Nobel Peace Prize (1906).
  1. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor (posthumously).
  1. TR is the only President to win 5 and 6 above.
  1. He created more National Parks and Monuments than any other President.
  1. The Teddy Bear was named after TR. (Read more about that here).
  1. He was the wealthiest many to ever be President, in present dollars.
  1. He was 5'9".
  1. He was a boxer at Harvard.
  1. He enrolled at Columbia Law School, but eventually dropped out.
  1. His mother and first wife died in the same house on the same day.
  1. He once knocked a cowboy in the Dakotas out cold for calling him "four eyes".
  1. His father was a Yankee and his mother was a Southerner from Georgia.
  1. He was an avid ornithologist (bird watcher).
  1. TR had six children.
  1. He served as Police Commissioner or New York City.
  1. He served as Governor of New York.
  1. TR did not curse.
  1. TR seldom if ever drank alcohol.
  1. He climbed the Matterhorn in Switzerland on his Honeymoon.
  1. His son Ted Roosevelt, Jr. was at Omaha Beach during the D-Day Invasion, at age 56.
  1. TR was eventually a Colonel in the "Rough Riders" during the Spanish American War.