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What were Thomas Cole's parents names?

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How tall is Thomas Coles?

Thomas Coles is 5' 7".

Who were Dolley Madison's parents?

Their names were John Payne and Mary Coles Payne.

What were Thomas edison's parent's names?

thomas Edison's parents names were samuel and nancy Edison

Ben Barnes's parents names?

Thomas and Tricia Thomas and Tricia

When was Thomas Coles born?

Thomas Coles was born on August 11, 1982, in Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England, UK.

Who were the parents of Matthew and Thomas the Apostles?

Matthew was the son of Alpheus. His mother's name is not recorded. The names of the parents of Thomas are not known.

What were thomas edisons parents names?

Thomas Edison's parents were Nancy Elliott and Samuel Edison. Thomas Edison is most known as being an inventor and businessman.

Thomas Jefferson parents names?

Peter and Jane Jefferson

What are Bethany Hamilton's parents names?

Thomas and Cherilyn Hamilton

What are the names of Josiah Wedgwood's parents?

Thomas Wedgwood and Mary Wedgwood were Josiah Wedgwood's parents.

What were Thomas Jeffersons parents names?

Mom: Jane Randolph Jefferson Dad: Peter Jefferson

What is the names of the parents of Richard arkwright?

Sarah and Thomas are the names of Richard Arkwright!!!! Go to Wikipedia!!!!

What are the names of cheryl coles father?

Cheryl Coles' full name is; Cheryl Maria Cole.

Where is cheryl coles parents from?

There both from newcastle.

Did Thomas the Apostle have any family?

Thomas had parents and, possibly siblings, but their names are not recorded. He was not married and had no children.

Who was nat king cole 's parents?

Reverend Edwards Coles and Perlina Adams Coles

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