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World War II Bombers were used for many different tasks. Their main task was to interupt, destroy or make the enemy's ability to conduct war impossible. But they had other roles, dropping supplies, reconnaissance, rescue, and many other roles. The main heavy bombers for the US were..

B-17-Flying Fortress B-24 B-25--Medium Bomber B-26 Maurder B-29 Super Fortress..These are the planes that dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan

AnswerEven if it sounds stupid... they were used for bombing. That means, only bombing and transports. Even the B-17 wasn't strong enough to defend itself against air agressors without cover. So... if you have a look a modern military jets... bombing, intercepting,... all that together... impossible for any ww2 bomber. The dog-fight or intercepting role was taken by smaller fighters... but there were smaller bombers, too. Think of the German Junkers Ju 87 (Stuka), bombing small targets with high precision.

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most bombers were solw and not very well armoured so normally were escorted by long ranger fighters there were also medium bombers like the B-25 Mitchel bomber and there were fighter/bombers and dive bombers like the junkers and the mosquito which were fighter sized planes that could drop small bombs on a target then dogfight with enemy planes but they were mainly designed as bombers so they werent very good at dogfighting.

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Q: What were World War 2 bombers used for?
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What one engined bombers were used in World War 2?

There are many single engine aircraft used as dive bombers and torpedo bombers that could be cited if this were the aim of the question - was it?

How were the B-24 bombers identified in World War 2?

The aircraft photos and the types of weapons used were how the B-24 bombers were identified in the World War II.

Were bombers first widely used during World War 1 or World War 2?

The Germans and the allies had bombers in WWI, but not in great numbers. The bomber came into its own in WWII.

What squadrons of World War 2 used wellington bombers?

i dont know im asking you?

What were planes used as at the beginning of World War 2?

fighters,bombers,and cargo planes primarily.

What were World War 2 planes?

Fighter planes and bombers.

How long were bombers in World War 2?

75 feet

What types of airplanes were there in World War 2?

Fighters (Hellcats); Dive Bombers (Dauntless); Torpedo Bombers (Avengers); Medium Bombers (Mitchells); Heavy Bombers (Superfortress).

What term refers to suicide bombers from World War 2?

Kamikaze is the term for Japanese suicide bombers in WWII

How many US bombers disappeared on December 51945?

3 u.s bombers disapeared during world war 2

How many Lancaster bombers were made in World War 2?

Roughly 7,377

How many bombers did the German air force have in World War 2?


How did World War 2 bombers keep from shooting each other?

world war two bombers didn't shoot each other because they were very very very very careful.

How many Lancaster bombers were used in World War 2?

There were a total of 7,377 Avro Lancasters built. MOST were during WW 2, but it continued to be built in small numbers after the war.

Why were bombers helpful in World War 2?

bombers were useful in the WW2 because they were used to create fear among the people and destroy key points in towns and citys it was basicly a demoriliser with a nasty sting

How were American bombers used in both the European and Pacific Theatres during World War 2?

Strategic bombing campaign of cities and factories.

How many Lancaster bombers got destroyed in World War 2?

2 lanchasters were destroyed in ww2

Why were air raid sirens so important in the World War 2?

They were used to warn people of impending attacks of bombers. Today they are used for tonados and other disaters.

Why were dogs recruited for service during World War 2?

Dogs were mainly used during world war 2 to Sniff about people who were trapped under calapsed buildings and mainly to convert people on the battle fields. some dogs were used as "suicide bombers".

What size bombs did they use in world war 2?

at the start of the war only 25lb bombs were used, later 50lbs on fighter bombers in 1939, 100lbs bombs of light bombers such as the mosquito, 200lbs bombs on a mix of planes and later ww2 fighter bombers such as the tempest, 250lbs were used on a range of role, 500lbs on medium bombers, 1000lbs on heavy bombers, 2000lbs on heavy bombers, 8000lbs on the Lancaster, 12,000lb earthquake bombs on specially outfitted Lancaster, 22,000lb bombs on specially outfitted Lancaster

German Battleships of World War 2?

DKM Tirpitz, sunk in a harbor by British bombers.

Were more British bombers shot down than German in World War 2?

2698 :)

How many B 17 Bombers did Boeing make for World War 2?

according to wikipedia, 12,731

What was a World War 2 warden?

somthing to do with planes, i think what they were was people who looked out for enemy bombers and alarmed