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What were World War 2 bombers used for?

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World War II Bombers were used for many different tasks. Their

main task was to interupt, destroy or make the enemy's ability to

conduct war impossible. But they had other roles, dropping

supplies, reconnaissance, rescue, and many other roles. The main

heavy bombers for the US were..

B-17-Flying Fortress B-24 B-25--Medium Bomber B-26 Maurder B-29

Super Fortress..These are the planes that dropped the Atomic Bombs

on Japan

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Even if it sounds stupid... they were used for bombing. That means,

only bombing and transports. Even the B-17 wasn't strong enough to

defend itself against air agressors without cover. So... if you

have a look a modern military jets... bombing, intercepting,... all

that together... impossible for any ww2 bomber. The dog-fight or

intercepting role was taken by smaller fighters... but there were

smaller bombers, too. Think of the German Junkers Ju 87 (Stuka),

bombing small targets with high precision.

Answer :

most bombers were solw and not very well armoured so normally

were escorted by long ranger fighters there were also medium

bombers like the B-25 Mitchel bomber and there were fighter/bombers

and dive bombers like the junkers and the mosquito which were

fighter sized planes that could drop small bombs on a target then

dogfight with enemy planes but they were mainly designed as bombers

so they werent very good at dogfighting.

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