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What were a knight's responsibilities?

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A Knight's main responsibility was to protect the manor on which he resides, and protect the Lord and Lady of the Manor.

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What responsibilities did lords have in the feudal systems?

What responsibilities did knights have in the feudal system

What were responsibilities for knights?

to protect the king from attackers

What responsibilities did knights have in the feudal system?

Knights lived by a strong code of behavior called chivalry.

What were knights responsibilities?

A knight is to protect his king and to fight for hisland

What are the responsibilities of a knight?

Knights responsibilities relied on a code of honor called chivalry. In chivalry, the knights had to treat women and the poor fairly, always show courage in battle, and respect people with higher authority. Also, knights were assigned by a vassal to protect their land from criminals, and to protect their slaves.

What were the responsibilities of knights in the middle ages?

Protect the poor and be courteous to all ladies

What responsibilities did the knights have during the feudal system?

As mounted soldiers and to be fair, and protect the helpless.

What were the knights responsibilities in the middle ages?

A knight's responsibilities would be to fight when the asks him to (War/Invasion), He would often train the son's of Nobles and some of the knights would train the king's son. The knights would train to be the best knight. The also look after the poor and defend the weak, women, children and orphans.

What were knights of the Middle Ages privileges and responsibilities?

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Responsibilities of a knight?

For knights did indeed have several responsibilities. Not only were they beholden to their liege lord from whom they held their title and estates, knights were also responsible for protecting their own vassals. In times of war, it was a knight's responsibility to fight for his liege lord. In times of peace, it was his duty to shield the commoners under his care from brigands, and sometimes from other knights. See the link below.

What are the differences in the daily lives and responsibilities of lords ladies knights and peasants?

Lords had to watch over the peasants, ladies had to cook and clean, knights had to protect the lords and peasants had to work for the lords.

What responsibilities did Knights have in the feudal system-?

They were the mounted soldiers in the federal system, who were expected to be loyal to their lord and church, to be fair and to protect the helpless.

What is a baron's responsibility in the medieval times?

A baron's responsibilities were to provide support for the peasants in which they let land out too. Also, they had Feudal obligations to their King - including providing knights for battle.

Who where the knights at the knights of the round table?

Arthur knights

What is the collective noun for knights?

A banner of knights, or a rout of knights.

What knights do you need to get?

You need to get the Black Knights because they are the strongest knights.

King Arthur's knights are known as the knights of?

the knights of the round table

A group of knights are called?

a group of knights is called a bunch of knightsa group of knights is called a bunch of knights

Who was the rulers of the knights?

That depends on what Knights you are talking about. Are you talking about the medieval Knights in each Kingdom, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar? You are going to have to be a little more specific to get a meaningful answer.

What do the Knights of Columbus believe?

The knights of Columbus are catholic. The knights of Columbus are catholic.

What are Knights in combats?

knights are in battle. :)

Where were medieval l knights from?

Medieval knights were mostly in Europe but knights were located everywhere

What are facts about knights?

Knights wore armor and ladies weren't allowed to become knights.

What did the knights do to the cross?

There were ceremonies in which Knights kissed the cross, and this often happened when they became knights.

Did middle-ages knights have children?

Yes, they were married and had children. Knights were nobles and nobles were knights. Only nobles could be knights. Often the male children became knights as well.