Australia Gold Rushes

What were advantages of the gold rush in Australia?


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There were numerous advantages as a result of the Australian goldrushes.

  • Although not seen as an advantage at the time, immigration proved an advantage. Enormous numbers of immigrants, especially Chinese, brought their unique cultural influences to Australia, and many of the Chinese stayed on to build businesses in the towns once the main gold deposits were mined out.
  • Because of the rivalry between Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, NSW, a new site was chosen for the Australian capital. Canberra lies where it is today because of this very rivalry brought on by the goldrush.
  • The goldrushes helped bring improvements in transportation. The famous "Cobb and Co Coaches" ran successfully for half a century, thanks to the goldrush. Train lines were built, linking the major centres, and roadways were improved.
  • The Eureka Stockade led to the beginnings of democracy and democratic representation for all classes and groups of people in Australia.
  • Gold brought wealth to Australia, and with it, a new sense of independence and confidence to push for Federation and the establishent of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901.