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What were all the capitals of the US before Washington DC?

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  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: September 5, 1774 - December 12, 1776; March 4, 1777 - September 18, 1777; July 27, 1778 - June 21, 1783; December 6, 1790 - May 14, 1800
  • Baltimore, Maryland: December 20, 1776 - February 27, 1777
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania: September 27, 1777
  • York, Pennsylvania: September 30, 1777 - June 2, 1778
  • Princeton, New Jersey: June 30, 1783 - November 4, 1783
  • Annapolis, Maryland: November 26, 1783 - August 19, 1784
  • Trenton, New Jersey: November 1, 1784 - December 24, 1784
  • New York, New York: January 11, 1785 - December 5, 1790
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What were all of the capitals of the US before Washington DC?

nyc is the only one

What were the 2 capitals cities before Washington DC?

one was Philadelphia pa thats all i know

What were the 2 capitals before Washington DC?

Philadelphia and New York city

First two capitals of US before Washington DC?


Where do the Washington Capitals PLAY?

The Washington capitals play at the Verizon center in Chinatown of Washington dc.

What arena do the Washington capitals play at?

The Washington Capitals play at the Verizon Center in Washington DC.

What two cities were the capitals of the US before Washington DC?

Philadelphia and New York

What state do the Washington capitals play in?

The Washington Capitals' home arena is not in a state. It is in Washington, DC, which is a district.

What is the US capitals location?

Washington DC

What were the two capitals of the US before Washington DC?

i dont now that one do you now that just answer thaat

What are some cities that are also state capitals?

Washington DC.

Which two cities became US capitals before Washington DC became the permanent capital?

New York, then Philadelphia

What NHL team plays in Washington?

The Washington Capitals play in Washington DC. There is no NHL team that plays in the state of Washington.

What was Washington DC called before it was named Washington DC?

It was always Washington DC. Before it was founded in 1791 there was nothing there but forest land.

What 2 cities were the capitals other than Washington DC?

Philadelphia and Boston

Who moved the capital to Washington DC?

Temporary Capitals such as NYC and Philly were used before hand. George Washington was the person who decided to move the capital to the once swampy land but died before it'd completion

What are common things that Washington DC and London England?

both are capitals

What are the 3 us capitals that have been located?

Pennsylvania, new york, and Washington DC.

State capitals usa?

The capital state of the United State of America is Washington, DC.

What was Washington DC called before it was officially referred to as Washington DC?


What was the name of Washington DC before it was name Washington DC?

It didn't exist so it wasn't anything. Washington DC was built to be Washington DC the national capital.

Is Washington DC a hockey town?

Not really but we are definitely behind the Capitals. At the end of 2009 the only professional team in DC that is doing well, the only professional team that is well managed is the Capitals.

Name of any five countries from where equator pases andtheir capitals?

USA is Washington DC

Capitals of the north and south during the civil war?

North Washington DC South Richmond VA

What are the capitals of the three countries Mexico borders?

Those would be:Washington DCBelmopanGuatemala City