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What were code names for the Vietnam War?

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The word "code" in the military is for communication via radio, etc. Such as Bravo 26, or Mike 1 Alpha. The military uses the "phonetic alphabet" to avoid confusion over the radio. The letter "B" can sound like the letter "C' or "D" or "E", so we use Bravo, Charley, Delta, or Echo. The Viet Cong (VC, the "guerilla" enemy) or the North Vietnamese Army (NVA, the regular army enemy) were referred to as "Victor Charley" and "November Victor Alpha." The phonetic alphabet then breaks down into far more complicated codes, to avoid detection by enemy personnel. Those enter the category of Military Intelligence/Communications. If your question is about military operations in the Vietnam War, there's a list of nearly a hundred of them. See; Category: Battles and Operations of the Vietnam War.

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Names of Australian soldiers in the Vietnam war?

Australian Vietnam War Veterans groups may have those names.

Vietnam War names of usmc casulties?

OVER 14,800 US Marines died in the Vietnam War. If you want their names, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall has them recorded there.

What are other names used for the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam Conflict, the Indochina war. The people and government in Vietnam today refer to it as the American War.

Names of soldiers from philadelphia killed during the Vietnam war?

Over 3,000 Pennsylvania men were killed in Vietnam. See website: Vietnam War Casualties by state, for their names.

What are other names for Vietnam war?

The war in southeast Asia

Names of soldiers from Charlotte NC killed in Vietnam War?

See website: Vietnam War Casualties by State

How do you find names of soldiers that died in Vietnam War?

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

What are the names on the Vietnam War memorial?

See website: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

What was the names of the operations in the Vietnam war?

Rolling thunder

What are some names for the Vietnamese War?

We called it the "Vietnam War" or the "Vietnam Conflict." When the French were fighting there, it was the "Indochina War." Today, the Vietnamese call it the "American War."

What are three other names for the Vietnam war?

The Vietnamese call it the American War.

Are there Australian names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington?

No, the Vietnam Memorial is a US war memorial.

Names of south carlino soldiers that died in Vietnam?

See: Vietnam War casualties by state.

How many people are on the Vietnam war memorial wall?

There are 58,272 names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

What is written on the Vietnam memorial?

The names of the 58,000 American men and women who died in the Vietnam War.

What are the names of people who fought in the Vietnam War?

The names of over 58,000 US servicemen are engraved on the VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL WALL website.

Australian Soldiers names that served in Vietnam war?


Are the names on the Vietnam memorial of people who died in the war?


Is the Vietnam war known for any other names?

The war in Southeast Asia and Nam.

Names of soldiers that won the Medal of Honor in Vietnam?

There were 246 Medal of Honor winners in the Vietnam War.

Where there any helicopters in the Vietnam war?

Yes. Vietnam was nicknamed the "helicopter war" (among other names). There were more choppers used in the Viet War than any other war in the history of mankind...before, during, or since the Vietnam War.

Is there a list of US Marines who served in the Vietnam War?

It's possible to obtain the names of the 14,838 US Marines who perished in Vietnam; but it may prove to be a daunting task to obtain the names of the remaining 375,000 US Marines that fought in the Vietnam War.

What were popular names during The Vietnam war?

kenneth, Stan and Phil

What are the names of the Vietnam war veterans?

Sergeant Thomas Bernard Linton

How many names are on the Vietnam War Memorial wall?

Over 58,000.

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