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Q: What were colonial South Carolina's housing?
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What is true about colonial settlement of the carolinas?

The the colonial settlements mainly south had many settlers from the Caribbean.

Which of these is true about colonial settlement of the Carolinas?

The south had many settlers from the Caribbean

Where was Charlestown in colonial times?

Charles Town was in the Carolinas during colonial times. It later became Charleston, South Carolina.

What was the religion of the colonial Carolinas?

AnswerThey had freedom of religion.

What did colonial South Carolina housing look like?

they look like mansions

Is Bermuda north or south of carolinas?


What did north and South Carolina grow?

Assuming you are asking about colonial days, main cash crops in the Carolinas were pine forests, rice and indigo.

What was colonial South Carolinas physical features?

The colonial of South Carolina\'s physical features are Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Piedmont Plateau and the Blue Ridge. Which all three crosses the state starting at the northeast and ending on the southwest.

Why was the colonial Carolinas founded?

my pp for your bum hole! :P ummm!

What was colonial north carolinas main imports?

African Americans...blacks.

How did colonial south Carolinas protect themselves from others?

They had help form the proprietors (8 noblemen/govner) and they protected themselves from the attacks. Spain and Freanch are their eneimes.

What South Carolinas first capital?


What was south carolinas language in the 1700s?


Where was south carolinas colony located?

in the southern

Why did the colonial Carolinas separate?

In 1710, due to disputes over governance, the Carolina colony began to split into North Carolina and South Carolina. The latter became a crown colony in 1729. It had nothing to do with the Civil war as both Carolinas exhisted before the War and both sides joined the South

What states have north or south in there name?

South Carolina South Dakota

Is Bermuda north or south of the Carolinas?

the Bermuda is east

What is South Carolinas state animal?

Dog:boykin spaniel

South Carolinas three largest cities?


What is south carolinas state color?

Blue and white

What is the state of South Carolinas seashell?

The Lettered Olive.

What are south Carolinas car rentals?

Car rentals in the state of south carolina

Colony with a slave majority?

carolinas, specifically South Carolina

What four states have north or south in there names?

The Carolinas and Dakotas.

When was South Carolinas date of statehood?

may 23, 1788