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What were common medical experiments during the Renaissance?

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human body experimentnobody knew that much about the renaissance - because people before had only disected pigs and rats ! so everybody just thought that the human body was like that. until somebody stole a body from the gallows and disected them- they found out all about the human body
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What kind of medical experiments were carried out on prisoners in concentration camps during the holocaust?

further plague research, tuberculosis, pneumonia and common cold

What experiments did they do to children during the halocaust?

During the holocaust, there were mostly medical experiments done on children. This included brain mapping, and experiments to see the reactions of the human body to medications.

Who was a renaissance body snatcher?

Andreas visalius- scientist during the renaissance, he dug up dead bodies from their graves and used them for experiments. Princess LuLu xx

What instruments were the most common plucked string instruments during the renaissance?

The lute was the most common plucked string instrument of the Renaissance.

How many people were victims of medical experiments during the Holocaust?

* A little over 18,000 people were used in medical experiments * these experiments may have been grousome but overall it has helped the human race * i am not anti-human just so you know ;)

What medical tools were used during the renaissance?

lu pikirla sendiri hehe

What advances in medicine were made during the renaissance and reformation?

During the medical renaissance, there were many advancements in medical technology and knowledge. There were surgical inventions - using silk thread for stitches, artificial limbs, knowledge of dissections, and also knowledge of the heart and blood.

What did the Germans do to twins during the holocaust?

Some twins in concentration camps were used for quack medical experiments.

What is the principle of hotplate used in medical laboratories?

Laboratory hotplates are used to heat samples during experiments.

What was the most common accompaniment instrument for Renaissance art songs in music?

Lute was the common accompaniment instrument for Renaissance era but during the Romantic era it changes to piano.

How did the study of science change during the renaissance?

Scientists Questioned the old ways of the Greeks and Romans and began Relying more on physical experiments.

Which was the most common plucked string instruments during the renaissance?

Harp and Lute

What are the most common plucked string instruments during the renaissance?

Harp and Lute

Which were the most common plucked string instruments during the Renaissance?

Harp and Lute

Torture methods during the holocaust?

During the Holocaust, there were many horrible torture methods used by the Nazis that included cruel medical experiments. Whippings, freezing experiments, random beatings, and starvation were among torture treatments.

How were blind people treated during the hollocaust?

badly, most were killed right away or they were used in medical experiments

What happened if a person survived medical experiments during the holocaust?

They would then be killed, sooner rather than later.

What did Renaissance literature and art have in common?

Literature is an form of art. It is expressed during writing. Renaissance literature and art were very popular in its time

People Shakespeare Knew During the Renaissance?

Shakespeare lived during the Renaissance, so everyone he knew, he knew during the renaissance.

What do the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper have in common?

They were painted by Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance.

What is the definition of bowspirit?

a bowspirit is an image on the bow of a ship. It was very common to have a bowspirit during the renaissance.

Did Copernicus live during the Renaissance?

Yes he did live during the Renaissance.

What language during the renaissance?

The language during the renaissance was usually Latin.

Who was the leader of the Auschwitz medical experiments?

The Doctor in Chief of ALL Nazi medical experiments was Dr. Eduard Wirths, who directed most of the experiment done to the prisoners in the concentrations camps during the nazi regime. the most infamous doctor at Auschwitz was Dr. Josef Mengele

Which contributed to the advances in learning that occurred during the Renaissance a writing in the common language of a people or b inventing the printing press?

Inventing the printing press contributed to the advances in learning that occurred during the Renaissance.