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Like a lot of technology, the first application for the first fully digital computer ENIAC was used for military purposes. It was used to calculate elevations for large guns on ship to shore campaigns.

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What were the first computers used for?

AnswerThe first computers were used for military use specifically.

How were the first computers used?

Computers were used for working purposes.

Which year was a computer first used?

digital computers were first used in 1942 analog computers were first used in about 100BC

What is the technology used in first generation computers?

the first generation computers used vaccum tubes

What computers will used vacuum tubes?

First generation computers.

Who used the first computers?

Charles Babez used the first computer.

What topology did Mainframe computers first use?

Mainframe computers first used star topology

What were the first uses for computers?

military used computers to share data

Were microcomputers a part of the first generation of computers?

No. First generation computers used vacuum tube electronics. The microprocessor was the invention that created fourth generation computers.

In what waysecond generation computer differ from the first generation computer?

Vacuum tubes are used in first generation computers and transistors are used in second generation computers. Second generation computers are ten times faster than the first generation.

History of computer Before 1st generation of computers?

Electro-Mechanical Computers were used before first generation of computers.

What were the first computer used for?

Replacing human computers.

What generation was the minicomputer first used?

The first minicomputers were second generation computers, but the most well known minicomputers were third generation computers.

Where were computers first used?

computers were invented in England during world war II originally were used to try and crack German codes

What generation was vacuum tubes used?

first generation computers

Was a Microcomputer part of the first generation?

no, first generation computers used vacuum tubes.

When were computers first built?

The first type of computer was invented in 1939 but did not resemble anything like current computers. Computers became more commonly used in the 1980's and 1990's.

What were computers first designed to be used for?

The first computers were made for engineers and they were really huge probably bigger than a refrigerator.

What meaning of Univac in first generation?

This is the term used for big vacuume tubes which were used in the construction of first generaiton of computers.

How have computers developed?

Computers have increasingly developed since their invention in the invention in the first half of the 20th century. Computers are very advanced, and can be used to do just about anything.

Which invented first computer or calculator?

calculator and human computers used them.

What was the first pc used for?

The first personal computers were used for hobby services and few calculations although they were found to be inaccurate and inflexible.

What are computers used for in government?

why computers used in government

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