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The Gas Chambers

The railway carriages were unloaded one after another. After leaving their luggage the Jews had to pass individually in front of an ss doctor, who decided if they were fit enough for work. Those fit enough were taken off into small groups. The remainder were taken to the gas chambers, the men being separated from the women. In the undressing room the Jewish prisoners were told in their own language that they were going to be bathed and deloused, that they must leave their clothes neatly together and remember where they had put them so they would be able to find them quickly, after delousing. After undressing they went into the gas chambers, which were furnished with showers and water pipes and looked like a real bath house. Rudolf Hoss visited the Treblinka camp where the commandant used monoxide gas.

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Q: What were gas chambers in World War 2?
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What kind of gas did they us in gas chambers in world war 2?

ones that kill

Did all the death camps in world war 2 have gas chambers?


Who created the gas chambers in World War 2?

Third German Reich.

What are gas bells in World War 1?

gas bells are similar to gas chambers that they used to burn jews down in world war 2 when hitler was in control

Who died in the gas chambers during world war 2?

Notably , those who were Jews .

What was gas used for in World War 2?

Nazi gas chambers was Zyglon B. The Japanese used Mustard gas on the Chinese.

How were gas chambers used in war world 2?

To kill the Jews in a larger loads of people

What month did Jews get put into the gas chambers in world war 2?

Year round. Every day.

Where were gas chambers in World War 2?

Mainly in extermination camps, but some ordinary concentration camps also had small gas chambers (for example, Stutthof). In addition, in 1941 the Nazis also had some mobile gas chambers consisting of vans.

What happen to Jews religion in world war 2?

they were sent to camps either to strarve to death or sent in gas chambers. they were sent to camps either to strarve to death or sent in gas chambers.

Torcher in world war 2 concentration camps?

gas chambers acid showers shot burned whipped

How were Jew's killed in world war 2?

They were killed by shooting them, gas chambers, hanging, anything that would do the job.

What are the main causes of death in world war 2?

Getting shot, DiseaseHolocaust: Gas Chambers, Ovens

What are some examples of chemical warfare?

Mustard Gas of World War 1 Gas chambers in the hollocost during World War 2 Nerve Gas used by Saddam Hussein against his own people in 1988

Who invented the gas chambers in world war 2?

they were not invented. The gas chambers were developed, the first gassings were of the mentally ill, this was done in a shed by engine fumes, this method developed into gas vans. Before the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau were designed they had used and adapted four others structure into gas chambers in order to best know what was needed.

What did Hitler do to the elderly during World War 2?

Hitler sent the elderly to the gas chambers in concentration camps to be killed.

Who built the gas chambers in World War 2?

The Nazis. Sometimes they hired workers to either do it for them or help them, but it was the Nazis overall.

How many Jews were killed in German gas chambers in world war 2?

I'm pretty sure that it was about 40% of the people who died.

Why was gas chambers used in world war 2?

because the Nazis were engaged in an experiment to create an artificial environment where life can not sustained.

What gas's were used in World War 2 gas chambers?

The active ingredient was Hydrogen Cyanide, the product was called Zyclon-B. Carbon monoxide was used in the gas vans.

What was Zyklon-b used for in World War 2?

Zyklon-b was the chemical used in the nazi gas chambers to kill during the Holocaust.

Who was the editor of time magazine after World War 2?

i believe that would be chambers

What gas was used in World War 2?

Japan used Mustard gas on Chinese in World War II

What were the gas bombs called in world war 2?

Gas bombs weren't used during World War II. You might be thinking about the mustard gas bombs of World War I.

Where were gas chambers used during World War 2?

The best known uses of gas chambers during WWII was in the Nazi concentration camps in Germany, however they were also used during this time in the Independent State of Croatia. It is a little known fact that the first gas chamber was built in America, for the purpose of capital punishment.