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To prevent the spread of communism

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I know of no illegal "rugs" that entered south Vietnam but there were illegal Drugs that did enter Vietnam.

No- you did not get to choose, you had to go. If they said for you to go, you got to go but you had to be 18 or older. TRUST ME- I'M IN 6TH GRADE AND I JUST LEARNED ABOUT THE VIETNAM WAR!!

It was a war against the spread of communism.

The Vietnam war was one of the more dangerous wars in recent history. In addition, there was very little reason to enter the war.

If your referring to the Vietnam war, the first U.S military advisors arrived in Vietnam in 1950.

The United States entered The Vietnam War to stop the Spread of Communism in Indochina

Unless the US INVADED North Vietnam or deployed NUCLEAR weapons, the war was unwinnable.

money religion reasons land and for peace

Good movie about the Vietnam War is Hearts and Minds!

A reluctance to enter future conflicts

Australia entered the Vietnam War because Australia feared that they would have to face the spread of Communism.

Stop communist aggression

Part of the cold war; stopping communism.

Australian troops entered into the Vietnam War on the 29th April 1965.

To prevent Communist North Vietnam from taking over the (non-communist) Republic of South Vietnam.

The ground war, in the Vietnam War, WAS FOUGHT in SOUTH VIETNAM. Therefore, South Vietnam entered the war from the very beginning...which is when it started in either the late 1950's or 1961, depending on what historical reference you are using.

To reunite with their southern counterparts.

To stop communist aggression.

To stop north Vietnam from spreding communism in entering south Vietnam To stop north Vietnam from spreding communism in entering south Vietnam

Communist Northern aggression; they won.

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