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What were guerilla tactics?


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August 21, 2011 9:14AM

Guerrilla tactics (AKA Guerrilla Warfare) is a term used for any kind of tactics that aren't used by a conventional army. Such tactics Include Hit and Run attacks where a small group of soldiers will open up a barrage of gunfire and explosives on their targets then quickly leave. Attacks like this are usually carried out on convoys, or small military outpost's/camps. The point of Hit and run warfare is not to take a position but rather to weaken your opponent by killings it's men and destroying it's supplies. Other tactics that COULD be considered Guerrilla warfare are the use of unconventional traps. Such as the Punji stick trap that was widely utilized by the NVA a Vietcong during the Vietnam conflict. A punji stick trap is a trap that is made by digging a hold about six to eight feet deep. then placing sharp jagged objects at the bottom with the sharp ends sticking straight up towards the top of the hole (during Vietnam they used sharpened bamboo called punji sticks). Usually theses sticks were hosed down in urine, covered in feces (human or animal) or drenched in dead animals blood, sometimes even leaving the dead rotting animals in the hole. This was to increase the chance of infection. The hole was then covered by foliage so when a soldier stepped on it he fell to a horrible fate. For other examples of Guerrilla warfare you could study up on the tactics used by the NCA/Vietcong and also the tactics of insurgents in the middle east. Or if possible the tactics taught to the US Green Beret Special Forces Units.