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An important event of the Civil War was when Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as President of the United States. This sparked the southern fire which would inevitably burn throughout the Civil War. Other Important Events were secession from the Union, The forming of the Confederacy, The Emancipation Proclamtion, and the firing on Fort Sumter, and Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendering to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Appomatox Court House in VA.

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The most significant events during the US Civil War were the major battles that helped determine what side would win the war. The battles lost and won for each side are the most important events. One important political event was the reelection of President Lincoln in 1864.

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Q: What were important events of the US Civil War?
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Why was Fort Sumter so important to the US Civil War?

The Confederate capture of Fort Sumter was important to the US Civil War because it was the event that led to the US Civil War.

What important events occured between 1840 and 1926?

US Civil War WWI most major things

1st important civil war battle?

The first important war in the US Civil War was the First Battle of Bull Run, won by the South.The assault on Fort Sumter was not a battle of the US Civil War. It was an act of rebellion that led to the US Civil War.

What were major events in Annie Oakleys life?

The US Civil War and World War I.

What major dramatic or historical events happened after the US Civil War ended?

There were several major events that happened after the Civil War. One of the biggest was the Civil Rights Movement.The Reconstruction of America's economy and land was taking place after the Civil War.

Who were the most important people in the US Civil War?

Lincoln was a important man juring the civil war because ha stoped slavery

Why is the Civil War so important in American history?

The Civil War is so important to us as Americans because any understanding of our nation today HAS to be based on the understanding of the Civil War. It defined us as a nation. The Revolutionary War did what it did and so did the other wars we had with Europe. But the Civil War defined us of who we are. And to open us up to what we would become today. Good and bad. It was a crossroad of who we were and who we became.

How the civil war led us to the study of US History?

While certainly an important event in US history, the US Civil War didn't "lead" or "start" the study of US History.

What were important battles in the US Civil War and where were they located?


Why was the fifteenth amendment important during the civil war?

The 15th Amendment was not important during the US Civil War. The amendment was passed in 1870.

What were the 5 most important events of the US Civil War?

* The fall of Fort Sumter. * The shootout between the Monitor and the Virginia. * Vicksburg. * Gettysburg. * Sherman's March to the Sea.

Why did Frederick Douglass become so important during the US Civil war?

Frederick Douglas, a former slave who had "escaped" his captivity became in the antebelum days an important scholar and commentator on the events in the United States. Many important people consulted him and his opinions were well respected. He was a frind of Lincoln's as example. He was also a good writer. With all that said, Douglas had no real impact on the US Civil War. With all respect, the events prior to, during and after the war had no tangible affects other than being important to his friends and critics.

What were Clara Barton's most important events in her life?

Clearly two major events were extremely important to Clara Barton. One was her volunteering to aid wounded soldiers from both sides in the US Civil War, and the other was her founding the American Red Cross.

Why was Zachary Taylor important in the Civil War?

Zachary Taylor died on 9 July 1850 long before the US Civil War.

What major documents was issued during the civil war?

In the US, the most important document issued during the Civil War was the Emancipation Proclamation.

How many Union soldiers underwent amputation operations during the US Civil War?

Union US Civil War records on the events of the war were more accurate than those of the South. For the Union soldiers, nearly 30,000 of them had amputation surgery during the war.

What major events occurred after the Civil War?

There were two major events that took place after the US Civil War ended. One dramatic event was the assassination of US President Lincoln. The other historic event was the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. Both events were unique in that no US President had ever been assassinated up until Lincoln's killing, and Johnson was the first US President to be impeached.

Is the town of Vicksburg part of the south during the US Civil War?

Yes, it was in the Confederate state of Mississippi, and it was an important river-port on the Mississippi. Its occupation by Ulysses Grant was one of the key events of the war.

What is worse a Iraq war or civil war?

The civil war was much worse, it was us against us. More people died in the civil war

How long takes reconstruction last in US after civil war?

us civil war

What year did the us split in the Civil War?

US Civil War 1861-1865.

Why was there not a lot of physical damage to Texas in the US Civil War?

For the most part, there were not many battles in Texas during the US Civil War. Texas was in a manner of speaking, off the beaten trail in the war. It's coastline on the Gulf of Mexico was important, however, based on the way the war was fought, the eastern US and the midwest were the most important places in the war.

Who was one important outcome of the US Civil War?

The country remained united and became a world power.

What does s stand for in the Civil War?

Us civil war

Which war had the most deaths for US soldiers?

the civil war the civil war