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Yes, James Cook did have children. Their names were James Cook, Nathaniel Cook, Elizabeth Cook, Joseph Cook, George Cook, and Hugh Cook.

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What was captain cooks parents names?

grace pace and James cook

What were James VI childrens names?

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What are James cooks parents names?

His father was also called James Cook, his mother Grace Pace

What where James cooks parents names?

His father's name was James Cook also, whilst his mother's name was Grace Pace.

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What was James cooks goal?

he was mean

What was James cooks homwtown?

James Cooks home village was Great Ayton. Great Ayton was located in North Yorkshire, England.

What was James cooks full name'?

James Cook - only

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What were the names of James cooks sisters?

James Cook had five sisters, they were Christiana, Mary, Jane, Mary and Margaret. Sadly, three died as infants, Mary, Jane and Mary. That is how there are two Marys.

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