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Countries in Western Europe were very happy that the United States was attacked by Germany's ally, Japan, because it meant that the industrial and military might of the United States would finally be brought to bear against their conqueror, Adolph Hitler. Hitler himself I think had long realized that United States involvement in the war was inevitable, and he welcomed it.

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Q: What were other countries views on Pearl Harbor such as France Germany etc?
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What role did France have on Pearl Harbor?

None; France belonged to Germany during the attack (Occupied France).

Why did Germany bomb Pearl Harbor?

Germany has never bombed Pearl Harbor.

What countries did Hitler try and fight in Pearl Harbor?

Pearl is in the US and it was Japan, an ally of Germany that attacked it.

What countries where involved in the Pearl Harbor?

hawaii was the only one It depends what you mean. What countries attacked Pearl Harbor? Or what countries ran Pearl Harbor?

What did France do when japan attacked pearl harbor?

Nothing. France was under Germany's authorities. And Germany was allied to Japan.

What have the US Italy Germany Canada Japan and France done that they are the only six countries to have done?

Japan has Bombed Pearl Harbor. Thats pretty much it

Who was at war World War 2?

The main countries were Italy, Germany, Soviet Union, France, Great Britain, Japan, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor, America

Did Germany attack anyone after pearl harbor?

Germany didn't attack pearl harbor dumb***, that was japan

Why did the us and France become allies?

France surrendered, and was occupied by Germany in 1940; before Pearl Harbor was even bombed.

Did Germany invade Poland before or after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?

Germany invaded Poland before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

How did Pearl Harbor help the European countries to defeat Germany?

well a day after the US declared war on Japan, Germany declared war on the US. so to answer your question Pearl Harbor brought US troops into Europe to help fight Germany. Germany would have been defeated with out US help but if they never would of declared war on the US France would likely be communist right now.

What countries declared war against Germany?

After Germany went against its agreement with Britain and France to not invade Czechoslovakia, both of those countries declared war. After Pearl Harbor, America declared war on Japan, who declared war on America, causing Germany to declare war on America, and America to declare war on Germany.

Which countries were involved in Pearl Harbor?

Japan attacked the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor.

Were there other countries involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

No. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on there own.

What were pearl harbor combatants?

russia and germany

What countries fought in the Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was mainly between Japan and the US. The Japanese bombed ships off the coast of Pearl Harbor (Hawaii).

What other countries other then japan and unites states involved in the Pearl Harbor attack?

No other countries were majorly involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Britain and Germany however can be mentioned because America send a significant part of her fleet to support the Brits in their war against Hitler's third Reich. This let Pearl Harbor relatively vulnerable.

How did Germany respond to pearl harbor attacks?

they did celebrate

Who was allied with Germany in the battle of Pearl Harbor?

Japan and Italy were allied with Germany, but only Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Germany had nothing to do with it and if they had been consulted, would probably have not approved the action.

What two countries were fighting during Pearl Harbor?

The two countries fighting during Pearl Harbor were the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Navy

Why did other countries get involved in the bombing of pearl harbor?

No other countries did.

What countries were involved in pearl harbor?

Japan and America

What countries were involved with Pearl Harbor after?

America and russia

What provoked the US to declare war on Germany?

Pearl Harbor was the main reason the US joined the war. They declared war on Germany and Japan because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and Germany was Japan's ally.

Was America at war with Germany during the time of Pearl Harbor?