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Pterodactylus lived in a relatively predator free region of Europe. It may have been preyed upon by Compsognathus.

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How did a pterodactyl protect its young?

It would lay its eggs in a nest high enough that ground predators could not reach it.

Did the pterodactyl have any adaptations that helped it escape its predators?

Its primary defense would be the ability to fly away from danger.

What are some of worms predators?

shrews, birds, ducks, geese, owls, pterodactyl, cocks (roosters) U THOUGHT I MEANT THE OTHER THING

What did the pterodactyl eat?

it ate things. Pterodactyl food

Is a pterodactyl a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

A pterodactyl is a reptile and thus a vertebrate.

Was the pterodactyl fastest dianasaur?

No and the Pterodactyl is not a dinosaur. It is a flying reptile.

Is a pterodactyl a saurischian or a ornithischian?

Neither. Pterodactyl was a pterosaur, not a dinosaur.

How long did a pterodactyl live for?

an pterodactyl lived for thousands of years.

Is a pterodactyl a vertebrate?

Yes, pterodactyl were from a branch of reptiles, and reptiles are vertebrates.

Was there ever really a pterodactyl?

Yes, pterodactyl, or pterodactylus was a real animal.

When was Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl created?

Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl was created in 1977.

Is pterosaur another name for pterodactyl?

No. Some people will generically call pterosaurs pterodactyl, but it is incorrect to do so. Pterodactyl was just one kind of pterosaur.

Did the pterodactyl protect its self?

Pterodactylus was relatively small, with a wingspan of about 5 feet, and like other flying animals was lightly built, so it probably couldn't have fought back against predators. However, they could have easily escaped predators by taking flight.

Is a pterodactyl a lizard or a mammal?

Neither. Pterodactyl belong to a group of reptiles separate from lizards.

How is the pterodactyl a reptile?

Not only dose the pterodactyl have feathes but it also has scales and it is cold-blooded

How do you spell pterodactyl?

That is the correct spelling for pterodactyl, one type of flying dinosaur (pteradon).

When was Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills created?

Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills was created in 1997.

What is the pterodactyl game?

Pterodactyl is a game where you cant show your teeth and you have to go in a circle and keep saying pterodactyl and if some one squaks at you, its like a reverse in uno. If you show your teeth, your out.

What is the height of a pterodactyl?

A pterodactyl had a wingspan of anywhere between a few inches up to 40 feet long.

Is pterodactyl capitalized?

Yes, when it is used as a proper n ou n. Example: Pterodactyl (title of a movie)

What is the duration of Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills?

The duration of Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills is 1.62 hours.

What is a 'pterodactyl'?

'Pterodactyl' is the name of a small subgroup of pterosaurs (flying reptiles that lived at the same time as dinosaurs but were not dinosaurs).The description of a Pterodactyl is a beaked reptile with two short legs, maybe a tail, a longish neck, and two wings. The wings were a bit like bat's wings as the wings were its arms. They ranged in size.The name 'Pterodactyl' means 'wing finger'.

How do you spell tyreadactyl?

That is 'Pterodactyl' .

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