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They were very bad because soldiers never got their daily vitamins and minerals so it was hard for them to cope throughout the day, things such as food, clothes, petrol and leather were rationed but fruit and sweets were'nt!

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Q: What were rations like?
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At Vietnam what was the food like?

"C" Rations (canned foods).

A sentence for the word rations?

i love rations

What are D-Rations?

D rations were a chocolate bar fortified with a days supply of vitamins used in WWII

What is the definition of c-rations?

C stands for compound.

What is a sentence for rations?

The rations will only deteriorate from here forward.

When was Radio Rations created?

Radio Rations was created in 2007.

Use the word rations in a sentence?

During times of supply shortage, like during world war 2, it is often necessary for people to restrict their consumption levels to strict rations.

Did children have smaller rations?

For most of history, the men have always received the largest rations, their wives the second, and their children were given smaller rations.

World war 2 rations?

whem did the rations finish in world war 2?

What are starvation rations?

umm i think it is for when you run out of food and really need rations you would get it from there.

How do you write a sentence with the word rations?

=will you can write a sentence with the word rations lot of way ==for example,=

What are the ratings and certificates for Rations - 1918?

Rations - 1918 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What rations did the ANZACs receive in Gallipoli?

The ANZAC corp received humble rations during Gallipoli. This was because of the trench warfare environment, which made it hard to send and receive rations. Most of the ANZAC rations consisted of coffee, along with bread and cans of burly beef.

What does it mean when a ration said spare during World War 2?

Rations where nicknames for the portable meals the soldiers carried. There were C Rations and K Rations. So when an officer says "Preserve your rations" he means use them sparingly so you don't run out of food.

What were the prisoner's rations at each meal?

The prisoners rations are a small chunk of salami and a piece of stale bread.

What did world war 2 troops use for food?

US military forces ate several types of rations, 10-1, K rations, C rations, other times there were field kitchens which served hot food, they were also issued an energy bar which was like a fortified granola bar (to be eaten on a march). Soldiers in the field as they have since before the Roman armys always find ways to add to their rations, often by scrounging and trading for things like eggs, cheese and breads. Many civilians were quite willing to obtain a can of Spam.

What rhymes with passions?


What rhymes with rations?


Did the paratroopers carry gum and Hershey bars with them as a standard issue?

only in their C rations or Assault rations.....but not special............

What are the release dates for Comrade Rations - 1907?

Comrade Rations - 1907 was released on: USA: November 1907

What actors and actresses appeared in Rations - 1918?

The cast of Rations - 1918 includes: Fred Evans as Pimple

When was Emergency Rations - album - created?

Emergency Rations - album - was created on 2002-06-25.

Why are feed additives used in animal rations?

Feed additives are primarily used in animal rations to stimulate or enhance performance like health, faster gain, feed efficiency or production of various animal products like wool, milk, and eggs. They are also used to control infectious diseases.

Do d-rations make good survival rations?

The soldiers and aviators, airmen and parachute jumpers did use D-rations for emergency purposes so they would keep up their blood glucose. The D-Rations consisted of chocolate bars, candy, vitamins and gum. The men said they were real life savers on the long hours in the planes and when they ran out of K-rations. Some of the airmen would also grab sandwiches from the mess hall to use with the D-rations. Some managed to get thermoses of coffee too.

Was icing sugar available in World War 2?

Yes, if you saved up your rations or everyone grouped up their rations