What were slave that escaped slavery called?


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Thomas Jefferson John Adams and abrham lincion

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She helped lead escaped slave flee to the north.

Slave holders were in favor of the Fugitive Slave Law as it required that slaves that escaped to the North would have to be returned to their owners. In the North the anti slavery abolitionists were against the law. They were anti slavery to begin with and wanted slaves who escaped to the North to be considered freed slaves.

What do you call a slave who escaped

william ballard was a slave who escaped slavery with the help of callie and augustus granet

Frederick Douglas was anti-slavery, because he was a slave until he escaped to freedom and then spoke to people about how wrong it was.

Yes, he was an escaped slave.

Henry Box Brown was a slave in Virginia who got out of slavery by himself. He escaped from slavery by mailing himself to Philadelphia using a wooden crate. He was a slave for over 33 years.

Frederick Douglass was an escaped slave. His experiences as a slave led him to dislike the conditions of slavery and thus, he tried to abolish it.

Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery, she returned to slave-holding states many times to help other slaves escape.

For those who supported slavery, the Compromise of 1850 offered the Fugitive Slave Act. The act made it so slave owners were allowed to capture slaves who had escaped and bring them back.

The slavery law in 1850 was the Fugitive Slave Act.

Harriet Tubman was a slave who escaped slavery and began helping other slaves escape slavery as well. She was also a Union spy during the civil war.

Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery and became a prominent abolitionist. He wrote three books about his experiences as an enslaved person.

St. Patrick was forced to work as a slave in Ireland. He escaped from slavery and fled the country.

Harriet Tubman was 25 years old, when she escaped slavery.

Anthony Burns, who was arrested that year on May 24th. He had escaped slavery in Richmond, Virginia in 1853.

George Latimer - escaped slave - died in 1896.

Many slaves escaped. The name of one who escaped and was recaptured is Moses Roper. There was a society who helped them to escape and they had a system called the "underground railroad" which helped lots of slaves, lead by Harriet Tubman. Another famous escaped slave was Fredrick Douglass, who escaped from the south and fled to the north to become a distinguished abolitionist.

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