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What were some Apalachee tools and weapons?

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Apalachee tools and weapons were bows and arrows, knives, spears and clubs.

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Apalachee tools and shelter?

deer andfish

How did Apalachee Indian's tools look like?

the apalachee Indians "atlatl" weapons look like a stick with a hook at the end of the stick and their axes looked like our axes today and their wooded clubs were made of wood that looked like stones

What were the weapons and tools of Jamestown?

some of the weapons were guns, knives, and cannons

What are some of the iroquois tools?

Farming tools, weapons, pipes, and that's about it.

What are some of the ancient rome tools that you use today?

weapons weapons and coins

What were some of the Shoshone tribe tools and weapons?


What tools did the apalachee use?

the apalachees used rocks for grinding food.

What were the pomos weapons and tools?

The weapons and tools and defense are for fisherman, warriors and hunters.

What were the ancient tools and weapons?

Hand axes, sharpened stones and cutting tools were the tools and weapons of ancient man.

What is the guns cheatcode for Grand Theft Auto 4?

thugs tools (weapons 1 ) professional tools (weapons 2) nutter tools (weapons 3)

What weapons do the apalachee use?

wooded clubs and spearsfishermen apalachees used hooks made out of bone

What were some of the goods that American Indianas wanted from Europeans?

Weapons, Tools and in some cases seeds

What are some weapons and tools the seminoles used?

what did seminoles use 2 eat

What are hupa tools?

the hupa tools were baskets weapons

Mexico tools and weapons were sometimes made of?

Mexican tools and weapons were often times made out of volcanic stone or flint. Wood was another common material found in tools and weapons from Mexico.

How do you make weapons in doodle god?

metal and tools=weapons

How do you make weapons on Doodle God?

Metal + Tools = Weapons

What does the Mbuti use for tools and weapons?

what weapons do mbuti use

What tools and weapons did the Algonquins use?

They used traps to catch some of the animals not all of them

What tools did the apalachee Indians use?

the apalachee indians hunters used bows and arrows. the warriors used spears,tomahawks and war clubs. the fishermen used spear.the women used clay pots,and hoes.hope that helps ;)

In 1732-1835 what tools or weapons did the colony of Georgia use?

Weapons were flintlocks and the tools would be hammers, saws

What is the religion of the apalachee?

Catholic is the apalachee religon

What weapons did the Bannock Indians use?

what tools and weapons did the bannock use

What tools and weapons did the Hopi have?


Why do we need tools and weapons?

We really do not need tools, but it makes certain tasks easier. We also do not need weapons. Weapons are meant to kill and if you are a vegetarian you do not have to kill in order to survive.