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there were better generals, a strong military tradition, skillful riders, stronger motivation

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Which states were in the south during the civil war?

There were 11 southern states during the Civil War. Some of the states were Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

What is the Name for the south?

The name for the South during the Civil War was the Confederate States of America... Some call it Dixie.

What were some advantages for the north during the civil war?

The North had more man power from different races of slaves.

What were some American advantages during the civil war?

to start off, the American Civil War was Americans against Americans.The Union/North's advantages: had more railroads:used to transport troops and weapons, larger population to fight for themThe Confederates/South's advantages: most of the war was fought in the South so they knew the land well and they were fighing for their families and homes, they had better war leaders

What about the southerners' courage during the civil war and their devotion to the south?

It is still celebrated all over the South, and to some degree elsewhere.

What were some similarities that the south and north had during the civil war?

The South and North both elected their own governments. The North had Lincoln, while the South had elected Davis.

Was there free Slaves living freely during the Civil War?

on some farsm in the south some lived freely and in the north there was not slavery

What were some of the Southern strategies in the Civil War?

The South's strategy during the Civil War was to get Great Britian's support. >The South's strategy was to use the great military leaders and commanders they had in order to defeat the North. With the North having multiple advantages, the South used their strongest factor: military training.

What were the generals name of the south during the civil war?

He was William Tecumseh Sherman.Answer:There were numerous generals in both the Northern and Southern armies during the American Civil War (See Link). As the North eventually carried the war to the South there could even be said to be Northern generals in the South at some periods.

How was the South rebuilt after it's destruction during the Civil War?

it was just made again by some workers or slaves or something

What were some things both the north and south suffered from during the civil war?

They suffered from death and sickness.And lost family members

What did the people in the south want during the civil war?

Some will say states rights, but most will say to maintain the practice of slavery.

Information on the north against south civil war people?

who are some of the people in civil war north against south?

What are some of the advantages of living in the south?

One of the greatest advantages of living in the south is that the weather is not as cold as it gets in the north. Also, the south tends to have a lower cost of living.

What were some of the advantages the north had?

In the American Civil War, the North had many advantages over the south. The North had industry, more factories, meaning more production of armaments. It also had more men, more soldiers, along with more resources.

Why did some black people support southern and the confederacy during the civil war?

the south promised to free the African Amerians that fought in the war

Did Kentucky fight for the North during the Civil War?

Some did and some went South to join the Confederates, a situation that happened in most border states with divided loyalty.

What were some differences of the north and south during the civil war?

Some differences were that the South supported slavery and the North didn't, the South was based on agriculture and the North on industries (like factories), and the South wanted more states' rights while the North supported a federal government.

Who shot the first shot in Sumter South Carolina during the civil War?

It was some soldiers under the command of General P.G.T. Beuregard. This unit was some men form Louisiana. It was the south who fired the first shot.

What were the intangible disadvantages of the confederacy and union during the civil war?

Some intangible disadvantages for both the Confederacy and the Union during the Civil War was the loss of ways to get supplies to the battlegrounds. There were many people in the South willing to help the North but finding them was impossible.

How were African Americas treated during the Civil War?

Of course they were slaves. But during the civil War, they were treated very badly in the south because of discrimination. Some slaves were even killed for trying to run away. In the north, they were not slaves but still discriminated.

Was Abraham Lincoln in the south during civil war?

Do you mean did he visit? Yes, in some areas he did go to encampments of Union troops and visit battlefields.

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