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bombs, bullets, hand grenades, ..................The bayonet was probable the bigest killer because it was used to kill wounded foes "the bullet is foolish, the blade is wise" General Alexander Suvorov.

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Q: What were some causes of casualties in World War 1?
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What number of casualties somme battle?

there were millions of hundreds of casualties some deaths caused by world war 1 .

What war had the most military casualties?

The war that had the most military casualties was World War II. There were 1,076, 245 military casualties during that time.

How did the new technology affect the casualties in World War 1?

Some of the new technologies of World War I led to devastating casualties. These new weapons included machine guns and poison gas.

Which war has had the most Russian casualties?

World war Two, Russian had over 10million casualties.

What were the treatments of casualties in World War 1?

Priorities in treatment of casualties

What aspect of the war was the greatest causes of casualties?

In WW1 Disease.

Why was World War 2 the deadlist war?

world war 2 was the deadliest war because there was more destruction,civilian casualties,and military casualties than any war.

Did American casualties in World War 2 exceed those of the civil war?

No. The American casualties in the Civil War totaled around 620,000, the casualties in WWII totaled around 150,000 (I'm not 100% sure about the WWII casualties.)

Which war in US history had the most casualties?

World War II, if you're counting overall casualties, and not just US casualties. As far as American casualties go, the American Civil War.

Describe some causes of world war 2?

Describe the MAIN causes of world war 2.

How many casualties resulted from the World War 2 atomic bombs dropped on Japan?

See: Wikipedia World War II Casualties.

Army air corps casualties of World War 2?

who had th most battle casualties during the second world war, us.infantry

What were the total estimated Allied casualties in World War 2?

The total allied casualties of world war two with civilians and military goes up to 39,963,700 compared to the axis casualties of 48,231,700.

How many casualties occurred during world war 2?

There was over 60 million casualties in world war II altogether, most of which were civilians.

What country suffered the most casualties in World War II?

Russia : 23,400,000 casualties .

How many casualties for Allies in World War 1?

Total casualties for allies: 9,386,453

What were the casualties like in the World War 1?

They were like any other casualties in conflicts.

What war had more casualties the Vietnam War or World War 2?


What were Switzerland's casualties in WW1?

Switzerland did not take part in World War One, it was neutral. It did not have an casualties.

What were the civilian casualties in Russia after World War 1?

one and a half million civilian casualties

Number of Casualties for the allies in World War 2?

Allied Military Casualties: 14,276,800 Allied Civilian Casualties: 25,686,900 Allied Total Casualties: 39,963,700

How many casualties did tanks cause in World War 1?

Casualties caused by tanks in WW1 were counted with the infantry and artillery casualties.

What were Casualties for Britain in World War 2?


How many casualties were there in World War I?

About 37 million.

What was the psychological effect of casualties in World War I?