What were some contributions of Mycenaeans to Greek culture?

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What are major intellectual contributions of the greek to western culture?

Note I copy pasted this from a website "Http://socyberty.com" THIS IS NOT MY OWN! Give the cited site credit! . Have you ever wondered who invented geometry, all those theorems and postulates; over a hundred to remember? Why couldn't they just make it simple and get rid of the useless postulates ( Full Answer )

How were the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures similar?

The Minoans believed in afterlife and that gods are less importantthan goddess. In the other hand there was no record in theMycenaean cultures that there was any god or goddess.

How does Greek culture affect American culture?

Greek culture affects the American culture today in many ways. First of all, some of the architectual designs used thousands of years ago are still useful, and comonly used in many important and famous American buildings today. Some examples would be the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House, which ( Full Answer )

How does greek culture influence American culture?

America is heavily influenced by Greek architecture. You can rarely go anywhere in the U.S. Without seeing columns on large buildings like banks, theatres, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial.

What are some of the contributions that Islamic culture has made to the West?

They traded and made treaties with the western world making themselfs and the western world richer in money, supplies and religion "Mathematics One example of Islamic origins of Western mathematical education is the system of Arabic numeral notation and decimals. These numbering and counting sys ( Full Answer )

Who were the Mycenaeans?

The Mycenaeans were Greek. Their culture flourished from circa 1700BC to circa 1100 BC in mainland Greece but also expanded to theAegean islands, Crete, Asia Minor and southern Italy. They arenamed after the site of Mycenae, where the most famous (and one ofthe largest) palaces was found.

What were some contributions of Roman and Greek philosophy?

"One of the key issues in philosophy is what constitutes a moral life, which entails questions of the meaning of happiness and its importance, the definition of moral character and its necessity, conflicts between the two elements, and the question of what other elements are necessary for living a g ( Full Answer )

What were some of the greatest achievements of greek culture?

Some of the greatest achievements in the Greek culture of ancienttimes are found in the areas of art and science, as they valuedcreativity, on one hand, and, on the other, the acquisition of sureknowledge in more influential ways than other ancientcivilizations. Their discovery (or, invention) of de ( Full Answer )

What were Minoan and Mycenaean cultures like?

The Minoan civilization was a civilization lost for years and is belived to may be the lost city of Atlantis. It was a rich civilization buried under a hill of dust which is believed to have beeen caused by a great eruption on Crete by its volcano. This volcano eruption was told to have cause tsunam ( Full Answer )

What are some of the contributions made to the Romans by some other cultures?

Much of Rome's culture and technology originated with the Greeks. The Roman pantheon of deities, including Jupiter/Jove, Venus, Mars and Ceres, were based on the Greek pantheon. For example, Jupiter was based on the chief Greek god, Zeus, and Venus on the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Roman scul ( Full Answer )

What aspects of culture did the mycenaean adopt from the Minoans?

Both societies reigned and traded in and around the aegean sea. They had very similar religions, which revered 1 goddess. They had the same palace layout of an open sanctuary for all except a few rooms reserved for nobles. They both used metal frequently for a variety of purposes.

What were some characteristics of Mycenaean civilization?

the mycenaean civilization were very tight people who lived for many years without isious and is a very sucsess full group of people and thy not allowed to see the future without the future to be fortold, the goddess of the mornfull cry the moan of the one who died the shinning light before the sun ( Full Answer )

What aspects of culture did the Mycenaeans adopt from the Minoans?

Both societies reigned and traded in and around the Aegean sea.They had very similar religions, which revered 1 goddess. They hadthe same palace layout of an open sanctuary for all except a fewrooms reserved for nobles. They both used metal frequently for avariety of purposes. The Mycenaean also cop ( Full Answer )

What are some Greek contributions to the modern world?

Greeks offered most aspects of civilization to the world.. They first of all offered Logic (see Aristotle and his monumental masterpieve "Το Όργανον") and Philosophy. Most modern philosophical currents are based either on Plato or Aristotle.. A non-complete list of thing ( Full Answer )

Who where the mycenaeans?

Μycenaeans were the inhabitants of Mycenae, an ancient city in Greece, who developed the Mycenaean Civilization .

What did the mycenaeans do?

they liked to play video games and watch tv but most of all they loved to text..

Describe the culture of the mycenaeans?

although one can't describe a whole culture in a paragraph.... Date: circa 1600 - 1050 BC. Location: mainly Southern Greece (recently archaeological finds extend the borders well into modern-day northern greece), the Aegean, Crete, Cyprus. Significance: The first (testified) Greek civilisatio ( Full Answer )

Do some cultures still believe in the Greek gods?

There are various paths/belief systems within paganism that believe in the existence of the Greek gods. One such path is known as Hellenismos, a religion that is attempting to reconstruct the ancient Greek faith.

What are some cultural contributions of the Inca?

The Inca made advances in engineering, art, and medicine. The Inca used a tool called a quipu. The Inca used this tool as a record keeping system. Since they had no system of writing, the quipu was very important. The Inca used the quipu to keep track of trade goods, military troops, and populat ( Full Answer )

What is the Dorian invasion on the Mycenaean culture?

There is a blank page in Greece between 1200 and 1050 BCE between the fading Mycenaean civilisation and the beginning of Doric cultural traces. So whether the Dorians directly replaced the Mycenaeans is unknown. Or was ther some other invader who destroyed the Mycenaean culture and the Dorians moved ( Full Answer )

In what ways were the Mycenaeans influenced by Minoan culture?

the mycenaeans were influenced my the minoans culture because the mycenaeans built palaces on hilltops, just like the minoans did. the only difference is that the mycenaeans DID have walls built around their palaces but the minoans didn't. hope this helps!

What are some contributions of the Ancient Hebrews to the cultural world?

You have asked a wide-ranging question with many hundreds ofdetails in its answer. I'll provide a few examples. The long, rich history of Judaism gives the western world much ofits shape today. Many of the laws, traditions, culture and valuesare directly attributable to Judaism. 1) The Jews' monothe ( Full Answer )

How did the Mycenaean spread their culture?

Since they were sea traders they traded with many other countries,and they exchanged ideas. In addition they spread their culturethrough conquering other countries

How did Greek culture influence other cultures?

Other cultures were influenced by ancient Greek culture because they had established so many colonies throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Westerly at least as far as Sicily and the Southern Italian peninsula, Greek colonies came into contact with other cultures. Many of which were not as advanced as t ( Full Answer )

What are some contributions that Jackie Chan has made to the American culture?

I think that the contribution Jackie Chan has made to American culture is most evident in the fact that his name has entered urban slang as either a verb or an adjective. To 'jackie chan' something is to do something awesome, and is usually used to describe some amazing action you accomplished that ( Full Answer )

What are some Greek contribution to the modern world?

ANSWER 1: a crap economy ANSWER 2: don't listen to the idiot who wrote the first answer well some contributions, to name a few, are: . plays and dramas . democracy . the olympics . mathematics . science . philosphy (kinda ties in with science and mathematics) Those are all i ( Full Answer )

What are Athens contributions to a larger Greek culture?

Philosophy for one. Athens was home to some of the greatest Greek philosophers, including the big three that every philosophy class studies today (Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle). Art was also a major contribution. As the center of learning in Greece, and for some time in the Roman Empire, Athens dr ( Full Answer )

What are some similarity between Greek culture and Roman culture?

The Romans and the Greeks shared the same gods, though underdifferent names. They had similar, though not identical outlooks onthe world. They both believed that their cultures were superior toall other cultures, allowing them to refer to outsiders asBarbarians. They both developed a slave culture i ( Full Answer )

How are greek culture and roman culture alike?

Greek culture were alike in Religion. Both religions were polytheistic. For the rest, the Romans acquired similarities with the greeks though the great influence the latter exerted on them. The Romans were deeply influenced by the Greeks and the Roman elites looked up to them. The first professiona ( Full Answer )

Mycenaean cultures contribute to Greeks' sense of themselves?

The Trojan War legends did give the independent Greek city-states acommon cultural basis, but it was just background - they understoodthat their real origins lay with the different peoples who made upthe Greek world - Achaeans, Dorians, Ionians, Aeolians etc, and itwas primarily these groupings whic ( Full Answer )

Why did the Greek Mycenaeans and Achaeans wage war on the city of Troy?

Because the Trojan prince Paris had seduced Helen, wife of kingMenelaus of Sparta, and abducted her to Troy. Before Helen marriedMenelaus, a great number of royal suitors had tried to marry her.When she finally had chosen one, the others swore a solemn oath tocome to the aid of the bridegroom if any ( Full Answer )

Why was the period following the end of the Mycenaean civilization called the Dark Age What happened to Greek culture during this time period?

The Dark Ages were from 1100 BC to 700Bc in Greece. We call thisperiod this way because we know very little about it. After theDorians appeared on the peninsula and invaded the territory, nopalaces were built.There were city-states that often quarrelledThey traded and set up colonies along the shore ( Full Answer )