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Q: What were some economic characteristics of colonial New York?
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What were some major social and economic characteristics of the royal colony of New York?


What were some contributions of Colonial New York?

What were some contributions of Colonial New York

Did the colonists cooperate in colonial New York?

Some did and Some did not

What were some of the holidays in colonial new york?

check your answer

What were New York's colonial religions?

The religion in colonial New York was very different. I would say that the most popular was Dutch Protestant. Since New York was an economic colony people didn't really care. Some religions include: Christianity Protestant Lutheran and even one Muslim.

What are some important events that occurred in colonial New York?

The trial of John Peter Zenger was an important event in colonial New York.

Who are some New York colonial times?

Caned saver

What are economic characteristics?

Economic characteristics describe the conditions in a particular area such as a city, state or a country, etc. Some general economic characteristics include:Labor ForceHousehold incomePer Capita IncomeFamilies and Individuals below poverty level

What famous people lived in colonial New York?

some famous people who lived in colonial new york were henry sloughter first governer of new york colony,

What are some economic products of New York?

the answer is - MACKENZIE! there is no answer

What are some Physical characteristics of new york?

Some physical characteristics of New York would have to be the adorondacks, Newark Lowlands and the Atlantic coastal plains.AnswerPLains and mountains

What is some government facts about Colonial New York?

they had a constitutional monarchy

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