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Effects of Industrialization

If we look back at man's achievements through the years, we will find some earthshaking phenomena that have brought about drastic changes in our lifestyle and our values as well.

One such phenomenon was the industrial revolution. In the field of work, the industrial revolution meant mass production where goods were produced in large quantities and production time was cut in half. This resulted on one hand, in the constant supply of goods at lower cost; but, on the contrary, it also meant that there should be a corresponding demand for the products to warrant production.

As a result, products were made not to last long so that there would be a constant need for them. Quality, therefore, gave way to quantity, and we, the buying public, became a throw-away society since there was so much to be had at affordable prices anyway.

The industrial revolution also introduced the assembly line type of production where work assignments were compartmentalized, and specialization in particular phases of the job became the standard procedure to follow. This meant that no single worker worked on one item from start to finish.

While it is true that the worker did become quite efficient in his job, he was nonetheless reduced to a mere cog in the wheel of industry and so a number found no fulfillment in their work which had become so mechanical.

Another earthshaking phenomenon which came as an offshoot of industrialization is urbanization. Persons in search of work flocked to the industrial sites where factories were located. In time, these developed into cities.

Then flocking to urban areas resulted in overcrowding which in turn gave rise to problems of housing and sanitation. With the exodus of more and more people from rural areas to the cities, the congestion became more and more acute, and when the industries were no longer able to absorb into their workforce all the persons searching for a job, unemployment rose, and slum areas and squatter communities mushroomed.

These eventually turned into hotbeds of crime as the unemployed resorted to illegal means to keep body and soul together.

Notwithstanding, all of these facts, industrialization, has spelled progress, at least materially. Industrialization is equated with development. Most, if not all of the developed nations are industrialized countries whereas the developing Third World nations are still on their way to industrialization.

Industrialization, therefore, means material progress, but there is a price to be paid.

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What were some of the positive effects of industrialization?

Some positive effects include that Industrialization provides jobs, money, and advancement.

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What were some of the negative effects of industrialization both in Europe and elsewhere?

Industrialization led to dangerous working conditions, filthy living conditions, child labor, etc.

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It causes pollution

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Some negative effects of rapid industrialization and urbanization is the rising amounts of pollution and the rising amounts of diseases from people living closely together. Also deforestation in order to make room for buildings.

What were the negative effects of industrialization of India?

Some of the disadvantages are that everyone works in manufacturing. It also limits the jobs that are available to workers.

What are some negative effects of industrialization?

The positive economic and social results of industrial growth have been accomopained by serious environmemtal degradation.

What were the principal effects of industrialization on women and the family in America?

They worked and stuff.

What were two causes for industrialization in the US?

im not really sure about two causes for industrialization but one is the fact that the United States wanted to keep up with Britain who was already experiencing the effects of its rapid industrialization.

Four effects industrialization on living and working conditions?

Billy bob joe

What were 3 negative effects of industrialization?

Child labor, pollution, labor unions

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Industrialization is to build up an area for progress sake.

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There are quite a number of effects of sectionalism. This is what resulted into increased industrialization and is also believed to have been the major cause of the Civil War.

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cause: people were boring effect: people wern't borad anymore

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What are some positive effects of European Colonialism on Africa for the Europeans?

One of the positive effects of European colonialism of Africa is that introduced efficient system of administration. They brought the industrial technology wit them which helped in the industrialization of many of the African countries.

What are the harmful effects of industrialization on the atmosphere and the measures being used to combat them?

There are many harmful effects.pollution2.loss of job opporchunities for unskilled labourers

In both the US and Japan major effects of industrialization included?

Increased urbanization and rapid economic growth.

What were the positive and negative effects of industrialization between 1890 and 1920?

Positive effects- it created jobs, it created wealth, and it produced better living Negative effects- living conditions were bad, workers got seriously injured/killed, cities became crowded, and some countries tried imperialism

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