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corn is one that i know of.

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What were 3 foods that was eaten at the first Thanksgiving?

Lobster, swan, and seal were among some of the foods at the first Thanksgiving.

What are some foods for Thanksgiving?

Some of the foods surved on thanksgiving is turkey

Which foods did the pilgrims possibly have on the first Thanksgiving?

Foods the pilgrims possibly had on the first Thanksgiving were corn, venison, porridge, bread, wildfowl, and grain. It is unlikely they had stuffing or turkey.

What foods might have been served at the first Thanksgiving?

The foods that were served on the first Thanksgiving were ham, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, turkey, cornbread, berries, squash and beans.

What type of foods did the Pilgrims possibly have on the first Thanksgiving?

The foods that the Pilgrims has on the first Thanksgiving, were much different from the foods that people now think of when the picture Thanksgiving dinner. The Pilgrims had deer and water fowl. They also had foods that they were able to grow, so they possibly had onions, nuts, berries, beans, squash, and cabbage.

What are breecches?

which of the following foods did the pilgrimes possibly have on the on the first thanksgiving

Who had the first Thanksgiving?

Amercians and Indians were the first to have Thanksgiving. But some sources say the first thanksgiving was held in Canada.

Why does turkey represent Thanksgiving?

Because, according to legend, it was one of the foods exchanged by the pilgrims and indigenous Americans at the first thanksgiving.

What were the two foods historians are certain were on the menu when the pilgrims had thanksgiving?

Historians are conflicted about specific food on the first Thanksgiving menu. The two foods most are certain the pilgrims had are corn and venison.

What were the first 5 foods eating at the first thanksgiving?

corn, beans, patatoe, squash, and pumpkin i think

What foods are common to both the first Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving nowadays?

Venison and fowl are the only foods that we know for sure were served at the first Thanksgiving. The rest is guess work. But venison and fowl still may be found at Thanksgiving meals nowadays.Additionally, it's possible that the first Thanksgiving meal included berries, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Such fare is common nowadays too. For example, cranberries and pumpkins find their way onto modern Thanksgiving tables. So might they have been found during that first Thanksgiving celebration.

What foods were on the table on the first Thanksgiving?

There was no turkey that day! The food was venison, duck, fish, corn, beans, squash, and eels.

What are the two most associated foods with Thanksgiving?

The most associated foods with Thanksgiving are: Turkey, pizza, and ham

How are kwanzaa and Thanksgiving alike?

kwanzaa and thanksgiving have similar foods

Was the history of the Indians first Thanksgiving?

The first Thanksgiving was held by the pilgrims after their first winter. Many died, but not all. Indians taught them how grow foods and preserve foods that helped them survive. So they had a proclamation giving thanks to God and held a celebration, which included the Indians. The first Thanksgiving was all about thanking God for sustaining them despite the many hardships and losses they experienced.

What two foods did the pilgrims serve at the first thanksgiving feast?

the anser is with me and im not going to tall you

What foods do Guatemalan eat for Thanksgiving?

Guatemalan's do not celebrate Thanksgiving. It is an American holiday.

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