What were some major achievements during Cleopatra's time?

People started to live in Egypt around 40 000 years ago. For a while Egypt was two kingdoms but at around 3000BC the kingdoms were joined and ruled by one pharaoh.

In 525BC Egypt was conquered by the Persians. That was when Egypt's history was divided into six parts.

The Old Kingdom


In this time period the pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs.

The First Intermediate


This was when there was a change in climate and Egypt became lots of small kingdoms.

The Middle Kingdom


This was when the pharaohs managed to make Egypt whole again.

the second intermidiate

1786- 1558 B.C

During the Second Intermediate Period, some people from the north, called the Hyksos invaded Egypt and ruled Lower Egypt for a while. They had horses and chariots, and soon the Egyptian army also learned to use horses and chariots.

New Kingdom


This is the time when the Bible talks about the Jews being slaves in Egypt. At the end of the Bronze Age, there was a general crisis all around the Eastern Mediterranean and West Asia. Along with the Mycenaean's and the Hittites, the Egyptian government also collapsed, leading to the Third Intermediate Period.

Third Intermediate Period


During the Third Intermediate Period, East African kings from south of Egypt in Nubia ruled most of Egypt.

Then in 525 BC, Cambyses, the Persian King, brought an army to Egypt and conquered Egypt, and made it part of the Persian Empire. The Egyptians didn't like being part of the Persian Empire, but they weren't strong enough to break away. When Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire in 332 BC, he also took over Egypt at the same time, and so Alexander's Greek successors ruled Egypt after that (332-30 BC)