What were some major sporting events in the 1920's?

The 1920s also known as:

-the Roaring 20s

-the Jazz Age

-the Age of the Automobile

-A decade shaped by two progressive Era Amendments :

+18th [Prohibition]

+19th [Women Suffrage]

>economic growth and relative prosperity

>League of Nations established.

>The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution goes into effect, prohibiting alcohol in the United States.

>The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, granting women the right to vote, is ratified.

>The United States Senate votes against joining the League of Nations.

>Mexican revolution (1910-1920) ends.

>End of WW1

>The great Stock market Crash of 1929

>Era of Flappers, The Model T, Sound/Audio movies

>Debates/disputes over human origin and the Scopes trial

-[Christianity beliefs of Human creation from God & the theory of Evolution] this thing is an ass