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The soldiers were called Yankees (from the name for colonials in general), and Continentals (also the name applied to the first US army). British loyalists considered them rebels or traitors, but the usual term for the Revolutionary fighters is "patriots", because they identified more with their colonial homes than with their British heritage.

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The nickname is pacifists

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Q: What were some nicknames for the patriots during the American Revolution?
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Who got French support during the American Revolution?

The American Patriots.

What was the crisis during the American Revolution?

the American crisis was to discourage the patriots during the revolutinary

Were the unmarried ladies of American during the revolutionary war loyalists neutral or patriots?

They were Patriots in the American Revolution.

Who where the patriots allies during the revolutionary war?

American Revolution

What nation helped the patriots during the American Revolution?


What was NOT a strength for the patriots during the American Revolution?

they had no food and supplies

What 3 groups were the American colonists divided into during the American revolution?

loyalists, patriots, and redcoats

Who were the European allies patriots during the American revolution?

Spain or France (my aunt is a Social Studies teacher)

What are the nicknames of the American soldier during the American revolution?

Yankees and Bumpkins

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What were American soldiers called during the American Revolution?

American soldiers were typically referred to as Colonials or Patriots during the Revolution.

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